Music marketing - A to Z explained

Music marketing – A to Z explained

In 2010, being a musician striving for fame and a big stage means not just rehearsing a lot, going on tours, and sitting in the studio for months, trying to give out another masterpiece.

Today, it means maintaining and promoting an Instagram account, developing communities dedicated to your work on social media. networks, post music on key digital platforms that will allow a larger audience to get acquainted with the music of new bands, and much, much more.

The music industry has already entered a new phase of development, where the growth of sales and popularity of an artist can be more influenced by the number of likes and subscribers than a tightly packed concert schedule.

Don’t believe it? Look at hundreds of quite successful Internet projects that successfully create and sell their music from the comfort of their own homes.

For instance, they buy Apple music streams and get popular that way. In this regard, many beginners and even professional musicians face a completely logical question: how to adapt to new realities and market conditions and promote your material?

It is, of course, not about the ideological teams that care for the conditional “movement”, but about those who want to monetize their creativity. Therefore, in this article, we will try to compile an absolutely subjective and not ideal top tip for promoting young musicians.

A large number of concerts and tours

So, you already have a record that you promote in every possible way on social networks, you have your fans in different regions of the country, which means that it’s time to go on tour, and before that, it would be nice to play about 100 concerts in your region. The tour is very important.

Firstly, the band cannot live without touring, and secondly, you begin to promote your own record even more in every possible way, which over time will bring you money to live on.

Group manager

A very important aspect of a successful band is, of course, the manager. His responsibilities include solving various problems that occur on trips, negotiating with labels, negotiating with radio stations, and being the main person who sees a commercial vein in you.

In other words, if you do not have a manager in the group, then the development of the team will be rather slow, and without development, as you all know, there will be a decline.

Moreover, one of the main duties of a manager is the organization of outdoor concerts, we add that at first the duties of such a member of the team can be performed by you, or someone from your band.

Constant rehearsals

Regarding constant rehearsals, it should be said that any team is successful if it is constantly in good shape and can generate new material all the time, and this is always a step into the future and inevitable success.

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