Maybelline Makeup Essentials: Here’s 16 Must Know Tips To Apply The Makeup Easily

Whether you’re a skincare nerd or a seasoned makeup connoisseur, the swift developments in the beauty biz will leave you playing catch-up with all that’s new and advanced. While you’ve probably got your basics covered—using a clean spoolie brush to prevent mascara clumping, doubling up your lipstick as a contour stick, and so on—are you confident you’ve got your bag of tips and tricks full?

Let us answer that for you: no, you have not. To save you time scouring through YouTube videos and perusing a dozen websites, we’ve rounded up some of the best (read clever) makeup hacks that’ll upgrade your beauty game in no time.

  1. Powder Your Lashes: After a generous stroke of mascara, coat your eyelashes with translucent powder for a more voluminous appearance. A second stroke of the product will cover up the dustiness and make your lashes look all the more curved.

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  1. Add a Few Drops Of Oil to Your Foundation: A glow-boosting primer? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Upgrade your base with a couple of drops of camellia oil for a dewy, luminous finish that glides effortlessly.
  2. Melt Your Pencils For Easy Application: If you’re encountering a roadblock while aiming to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner, perhaps, it’s time to melt the tip of your pencil for seamless application. Cream-based products blend better when warmed up, so hold the tip of your kohl pencil against a flame and allow it to cool down before use.

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  1. The Hack For the Perfect Smokey Eye: A slanted hashtag symbol pencilled along the outer corner of your eyelid is all you need to ace the smokey eye look. Draw out a hashtag symbol using a creamy pencil and blend it with the help of a smudging brush.

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  1. Hold Onto That White Eyeliner: Ladies, hold on to that versatile white eyeliner in your makeup kit. A swipe across your lower waterline will give the illusion of bigger eyes, while a thin line along your brows will bring its natural arch under the spotlight.
  2. Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow: In the absence of a lip liner, turn to the humble highlighter. After applying lipstick, dab some highlighter on your cupid’s bow to make your lips appear fuller.

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  1. Double Up Your Eyeshadow As Eyeliner: Bored of black? Add a pop of colour to your lids, courtesy of your multi-hued eyeshadow palette. Dampen your angle brush and dip it into the eyeshadow of your choice, after which, apply it the same way as you would with a regular liner.

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  1. Bid Adieu to Clumpy Mascara: Clumpy mascara is ready to go out the window. Adding just a few drops of saline solution to your drying mascara tube is all that is required to smoothen its consistency and extend its shelf life.

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  1. Spoon to the Rescue: If you don’t trust yourself with the perfect winged eyeliner as yet, turn to your cutlery for help. Hold the stem of the spoon as a stencil along the outer corner of your eye to make a straight line. Next, use the rounded edge of the spoon to create a winged effect. You may also use your spoon to shield your eyelid from mascara strokes.
  2. Apply Concealer in a Triangular Shape: To draw attention to your eyes and brighten dark circles, apply your concealer in a triangle in your under-eye region rather than a dotted application.

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  1. Apply Contour With the Help Of a Makeup Brush Handle: Hold a makeup brush handle right below your cheekbone to find the best angle for contour application. Once you find the right placement, apply a contour powder below the handle.
  2. Curl Your Lashes With a Heated Eyelash Curler: To hold the shape for longer—and make your lashes curl faster—consider lightly heating your lash curler with a blow dryer. Once done, clamp them down to curl your lashes.
  3. Dampen Your Beauty Blender: A slightly wet beauty blender works best when applying makeup, as it doesn’t eat up your product. Dampen your blender under running water and squeeze out any excess liquid for seamless blending. You could also lightly spritz a face mist onto the blender.
  4. Powder Your Pucker: Ensure that your lipstick stays put with the help of a tissue and translucent powder. Place a tissue on top of your lips and sprinkle some powder over the tissue for a budge-free pout.

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  1. Add a Dash of Blush On Your Nose: A sun-smooched, flushed complexion is just a product away. Don’t use your blush solely along the apples of your cheeks, but swipe some on the bridge of your nose, too. Doing so will add an ‘au naturel’, glowy touch to your look.

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  1. Let Your Mistakes Dry Up: It’s the absolute worst feeling when your perfectly set makeup gets ruined with mascara marks as you blink. Now, while your first instinct may be to wipe it clean, hold up. To avoid the product from smearing further, wait for it to dry up, and then use a Q-tip to buff them off your skin.

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If you’re a beauty girl on the go, you must always keep a few makeup tricks up your sleeve. As this industry rapidly evolves, there’s something new to learn every single day—and what better way to save ample time and effort? These tips and hacks take seconds or minutes to do, and they go a long way to amp up your glam game.

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