Lawyers, Legal Consultants and Law Firms in UAE

Let’s typical role of a lawyer and legal consultants in the marketplace. Below we have listed the duties of a lawyer in its professional domain. Lawyers are also called attorneys, advisors, advocates etc. Legal Consultants can be local lawyers in UAE as well as the Legal Consultants. Non-UAE citizen can’t be a lawyer here which means he can’t appear in Court Hearings. Therefore, the Law Firms can only be opened by the UAE National Lawyers and the power of attorneys can only be given to UAE National Lawyers.

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Lawyers and Legal Consultants in UAE

UAE National Lawyers and Legal Consultants provide legal advice to various individuals, companies, enterprises, and even government agencies. In addition, they also offer top-notch quality legal representation to their clients coming from different spheres and walks of life. They provide invaluable pieces of advice and representation on legal issues that could trigger problems and disputes in the future. They offer legal advice to clients over significant matters. The matters could be minor to serious.

The lawyers can handle them intelligently and also have the expertise to offer a reasonable solution to it. They will research the intent of the laws and judicial decisions. The lawyers and legal consultants take on the responsibility to communicate with the client. In any legal matter, communication is the key. They not only communicate with clients but also with judges, police, colleagues, and other stakeholders linked to the legal case.

They also offer legal counseling to clients about their legal rights and obligations. They also suggest the appropriate course of action for the individuals on personal matters and over business matters to the enterprises and entities. The lawyers and legal consultants are responsible for interpreting the laws and legislations of the country. They know the laws and regulations. Moreover, they also comprehend the regulations, rules, and legislation not only for individuals but also for companies. They will apply the laws to the particular circumstances that the client faces.

They are equally responsible to state the facts and figures in writing. They will write down all the proceedings regarding the case. It is also required to attach the essential documents to support the statement. Furthermore, they also need to verbally defend their client in a court of law. The lawyers will argue on behalf of the clients before the judges. The main motive is to protect the rights of their client.

Legal Documentation

They will prepare the legal documents and also complete the filing procedure on behalf of the client. Besides, they will also do the documentation for lawsuits, litigation, court appeals, wills and estates, contracts, deeds, agreements, court hearings, and the list goes on. Legal Documentation can be as follows:

  • Labour Employment Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Civil Law Agreements
  • Power of Attorneys
  • MOU Drafting
  • MOA Drafting
  • All Kinds of Review and Amendment Jobs

The lawyers represent them in court. The judges and jury expect the plaintiff and defendant to have a lawyer by their side to precede the court hearings. For that, the lawyer lays down its services for an array of clients over different legal issues. On the other hand, legal consultants are reluctant to represent the client in court cases. Legal Counselling in UAE, can be with a UAE National Lawyer as well as Non-UAE National Lawyer. However, the legal representation is by the UAE National Lawyers only.

The legal consultants and lawyers will conduct thorough research about the legal problem. They will organize detailed research to understand and comprehend the situation more rationally. Furthermore, they also analyze the legal problem. It is important to suggest a possible way out of the problem. Please make sure that legal consultants are meant to deliver the expert opinion. Therefore they can be the expatriate lawyers too. Lawyers are meant to deliver the court services e.g. Labour and Employment Cases, Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Real Estate Cases, Wills and Estate Matters, Inheritance Matters and more.

Legal Services in UAE by these local law firms are almost reliable. Non Professionals are everywhere in world and anytime. Well, UAE management system only allows the deserving people to move ahead and make their names. Such a beautiful economical systems do not allow non-professionals to survive in this market.

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