Language Assessment in the Classroom Course

Language Assessment in the Classroom Course

This course will teach you how to assess a student’s language development in the classroom and create an individualized language plan for the student. You will learn about best practices, instructional strategies, and assessment tools customized for your students’ needs. This course is open to all educators who work in any setting that provides education for children from birth through high school.

The Language Assessment in the Classroom Course is designed for working professionals focusing on developing your child’s English or bilingual skills. This course has become popular among French teachers, Spanish teachers, ESL teachers, preschool teachers, and elementary school teachers. There are three tiers of learning: Basic Core Award Course, Advanced Core Award Course, Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Why would you take the course?

You may need to take this course if you are a language teacher whose students have special education needs, a parent of a child who has language challenges, or if you teach children who have developmental delays. You may be an educational administrator who selling course and wants to become a better diagnostician or advocate for your child’s unique needs. You may be a parent concerned about your child’s progress and want advice on supporting their academic development.

Who would benefit from taking this course?

This course is appropriate for teachers and parents who work in any setting that provides education for children from birth through high school.

Benefits to you as a student:

Experience using assessment tools to help inform your teaching strategies. Learn how to identify which language deficits affect your child and precisely what kinds of language should be taught first. Review evidence-based strategies for supporting student language and literacy development. Take home a clear understanding of how you may recognize when your child’s language needs aren’t adequately met and what you can do about it. Be ready to provide additional support in the classroom and at home if needed.

Course content

Courses are taught in a blended format: meet with your tutor for scheduled tutoring sessions and complete required readings outside of class. The course will provide you with an understanding of language assessment in the classroom including what it is, where it is used, and who would benefit from taking the course. You will learn how to create, implement and evaluate a bilingual or ESL instructional plan based on professional standards and your student’s needs. You will see how to assess your students’ progress and their overall skills and strengths. 

We’ll review evidence-based strategies for supporting student language and literacy development for preschool children through high school. We’ll show you how to develop your data collection system to measure your students’ language growth over time. Feel free to visit to learn more about –

How online learning works?

During the course, you’ll work a 2-hour weekly session with your tutor to practice language activities and review notes on your student’s progress. You’ll complete optional or required reading, as well as self-assessments and evaluations. You should receive a certificate of completion upon completion of this course.

What are the benefits of online Language Assessment in the Classroom Course?

You’ll get access to online tools, interactive activities, and an online community of professionals who are passionate about language. You’ll have access to a private Facebook page with additional activities to reinforce course concepts. You’ll receive support from our tutors who are trained in the field of language disorders and work with children daily in their classrooms.

How do you find out more about the Language Assessment in the Classroom Course?

Attend our free Introductory Course. Then sign up for the FREE Language Assessment in the Classroom two-week trial. If you want to continue with the course, we recommend you purchase the Online Language Assessment in the Classroom course at least 4 weeks before your trial expires. Many online platforms are selling online courses where You can purchase this course at any time during our two-week trial period or within three months of enrolling in the course by paying a one-time enrollment fee of $125 ($100 if part of an educator group discount program). The Online Learning Institute is proud to support our teachers and educators. A portion of fees collected will be donated back to support our continuing education community, scholarships, and special awards. 

How to ensure your child has access to language therapy services when needed?

If you determine the cost of treatment is more than the cost of an in-home instruction plan, consider contacting a school district that has a special-education center (often called an “IDE” or “IEP” center) and asking if they could provide a child with individualized instruction within the context of their school. These centers often prescribe outside speech/language therapy services at no cost. Some states have laws that limit the amount of speech-language therapy that public school districts can pay for; in these cases, it may be less expensive to opt for in-home instruction.

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