IPMAT vs CAT: Know the Difference

CAT and IPMAT are two popular entrance exams taken by individuals aspiring to pursue management courses. Many aspirants get confused as to what to choose. However, understanding the difference can enable you to make the right choice. In this article, you will get a comprehensive view of the differences between IPMAT and CAT.


IPMAT is an entrance exam that is conducted by IIM Indore. It is a national-level exam that provides students in different parts of India to appear for the exam. It allows the students to get admission in the five years integrated management course. IPMAT consists of two stages, namely, a written ability test and a personal interview.


CAT is one of the most popular entrance exams among the students willing to take up a business management course in prestigious institutes. It is also a national-level examination conducted by IIM.


Want to know the difference between CAT and IPMAT? Here are some of the most significant differences that you must know.

  • Eligibility

IPMAT is an entrance exam for the students who have completed their 10+2from any recognized board. But, in order to appear for CAT, the students must have graduated in addition to completing their 10+2from any recognized board. For IPMAT, the minimum age for applying is 18 years, while the maximum age is 20 years. On the other hand, the minimum age to apply for CAT is 21 years, while 24 years is the maximum age.

In order to apply for IPMAT, students must score at least 60% in the higher secondary exam. On the other hand, the minimum score for CAT is 50% in the bachelor’s degree.

  • Mode and Language of Exam

The mode of examination for both CAT and IPMAT is online. Both the exams are conducted in languages like Hindi and English.

  • Subjects in Exam

The subjects included in the exam are one of the important differentiating factors between CAT and IPMAT. The main subjects in the IPMAT exam are verbal ability, quantitative ability, and logical reasoning. On the other hand, the subjects in CAT are reading comprehension, verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and data interpretation.

  • Questions in Exam

In the IPMAT exam, there will be a total of 120 questions. You will get 40 questions from quantitative ability, 40 from verbal ability, and 40 from logical reasoning. The total marks for the IPMAT exam is 480 marks.

However, in the case of CAT, you will have 66 questions. You will get 24 questions from verbal ability and reading comprehension, 20 from quantitative aptitude, and 20 from data interpretation and logical reasoning. The total marks of CAT is 198 marks.

  • Question Pattern

The IPMAT exam consists of multiple choice questions. The questions will have only one correct answer. On the other hand, CAT consists of both non-multiple choice questions and multiple choice questions. In both exams, you will get two hours in order to answer all the questions. You will get 40 minutes to answer each of the sections.

  • Marks Allocation

In the IPMAT exam, each of correct answer will be rewarded with 4 marks. For every wrong answer, one mark will be deducted. For every unanswered question, 0 marks will be given.

In the case of the CAT exam, each of correct answer will be rewarded with 3 marks. For every wrong answer, one mark will be deducted. There will be no negative marking for the incorrect answers to non-multiple choice questions.

  • Nature of Exams

Both CAT and IPMAT are considered to be the strongest entrance exams in India. They have equal importance. When it comes to the difficulty level of both exams, it varies on the basis of different sections. For instance, the quantitative ability of IPMAT is considered to be more difficult in comparison to CAT. It is mainly due to the presence of more word type problems in the IPMAT exam. However, in terms of the verbal ability section, CAT is regarded as more difficult. It is because the verbal ability questions of CAT are inference based demand an in-depth understanding of the subject. However, the verbal ability questions of the IPMAT exam are more direct. So, you will require less time to answer the questions of IPMAT.


Now you must have gained a comprehensive idea about the difference between CAT and IPMAT exams. Both the exams are ideal for students willing to pursue a management degree. The right choice will completely depend on your personal academic and career goal. Be sure to evaluate the scope of both the exams and make the right choice.

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