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Seekink stands out as a one-stop shop for EPD services thanks to its high level of customization. Globally renowned companies rely on it. Seekink provides customers with the ability to personalize their goods to satisfy particular needs and enables quick delivery to all markets thanks to a 260,000-square-meter factory and fully automated manufacturing lines. It not only generates an electronic white board that stands out for office efficiency but also offers a wide range of electronic paper solutions to cater to diverse industry needs. In the rapidly evolving world of digital displays, Seekink emerges as a prominent player, specializing in Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, Seekink has become a trusted name, reshaping industries through innovative EPD solutions.

Innovative E-paper Products

Seekink’s innovative E-Paper solutions are at the forefront of sustainable technology. These solutions offer energy efficiency and eliminate light pollution, making them ideal for diverse IoT applications. Seekink continues to innovate, enhancing aspects such as color, display quality, size, and energy consumption.The interactive whiteboard in the smart workplace offers plenty of room for collaboration, presentations, and brainstorming. By enabling users to record team insights in real time, it can increase office productivity thanks to its authentic paper-like pen-and-pencil interaction. Anytime notes are taken on it, they can be synced to a digital device for editing and sharing.


Seekink is a leading provider of Electronic Paper Display (EPD) services, offering high customization and quick delivery. With a 260,000-square-meter factory and fully automated manufacturing lines, Seekink is a trusted name in the industry. Their innovative E-Paper products are sustainable, energy-efficient, and ideal for IoT applications. Seekink’s interactive whiteboard in the smart workplace allows collaboration, presentations, and real-time team insights, increasing office productivity and syncing notes to digital devices.

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