Important Questions to Ask Before Plastic Surgery

Whether you want plastic surgery for health or cosmetic purposes, asking the right questions before the procedure is fundamental. Successful plastic surgery starts with an insightful consultation with a potential plastic surgeon to discuss options, expectations, and outcomes. While there’re no wrong questions to ask during a consultation, here are the most important ones.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Among the crucial questions to ask your surgeon is their proficiency in the plastic surgery field. Reputable plastic surgeons like Joel Aronowitz are certified by credible professional bodies like the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Accreditation guarantees that a surgeon has the required training, expertise, and experience to perform procedures effectively and safely. For cosmetic procedures, the surgeon should have certification from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

What is Your Experience of Performing My Preferred Procedure?

Plastic surgeons are increasingly specializing in specific procedures to ensure satisfactory outcomes. As a result, more people opt for these specialized surgeons instead of general plastic surgeons. For instance, someone considering a breast lift chooses a surgeon focusing on breast-related procedures only.

Enquire from a potential surgeon about their specialization and years of experience. A specialized surgeon is preferable because they have worked with numerous clients with different body types and needs. Also, they are more skilled at the procedure and have more pictures of their work, so you decide if it appeals to you.

What Are the Potential Risks and Complications to the Procedure?

Almost every surgery has potential side effects, ranging from slight swelling to bruising and infection. Before a procedure, patients must understand any risks and side effects to make an informed decision.

A plastic surgeon should explain any complications arising from procedures and actions to prevent and remedy them. Do not forget to ask a surgeon how they handle complications. Most surgeons have hospital privileges should the unexpected occur during a procedure.

How Much Will the Procedure Cost?

Financial planning is fundamental before plastic surgery. Therefore, ask your surgeon how much you will incur for the procedure and plan accordingly. The cost varies with the surgeon, procedure, locality, medications, and aftercare.

A good plastic surgeon will provide a detailed quote and explain any financing options available. Do not settle for a plastic surgeon based on the cost of the procedure alone. A cheap surgeon may offer substandard services, have hidden fees, or compromise safety.

How is the Recovery Process?

Apart from understanding surgeon qualifications and procedure of interest, it would help if you also learned about recovery, from time off normal activities to aftercare required and specific restrictions.

Depending on the procedure’s complexity, you may need some time off from daily activities like work and avoid specific tasks like lifting heavy objects. If the procedure requires more recovery than is practical, consider a less invasive procedure or postpone to a better time.

Before plastic surgery, it is best practice to consult with a surgeon, so you are comfortable and confident in their abilities and expected outcome. The best plastic surgeon will have the necessary expertise and experience, communicate openly and honestly, answer questions thoroughly, and address any concerns truthfully.

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