Ifly Dubai Price Gives The Most Amazing Experience in the UAE

Ifly Dubai Price Gives The Most Amazing Experience in the UAE

You can experience the thrill of being afloat in the air, minus the risks at Ifly Dubai today. The place offers an indoor sky diving experience like no other. You can also feel the fun of bungee jumping. It is similar to that, as well. It is located at City Center Mirdif and offers a world of fun and entertainment. The Ifly Dubai Price is quite low and every tourist can afford it.

You cannot have a better time than here in Dubai City. Everyone knows about the risks of sky diving. Moreover, it is quite expensive. The first sky diving zone in Dubai City has taken the entertainment and fun quotient several notches higher.

When you fly with Ifly, you are in safe hands. The trainers are all superior sportsmen in their own right. You can avail yourself of a one-to-one experience with Ifly. The experience of being afloat in the air for a full four minutes is like nothing else there. A strong gust of wind will help you ascend and descend slowly. Everything happens in a closed and protective tunnel. Thus, you can enjoy the activities quite comfortably.

First-time Flyer Experience – Low Ifly Dubai Price

You can avail yourself of the low Ifly Dubai Pricenovice packages starting at AED 149. You will be able to learn the basics in this two-minute session. Now, you can go for two flights in this package. In the ultimate package, the flights are 2 minutes duration, and you can avail of the same twice. So, that makes it 4 minutes of being afloat. You can also enjoy the VR experience, with the best Sky Diving instructors. They will help you step into the real world while you have a free fall. The video that runs on the glares will take you to some of the biggest attractions like Burj Khalifa or the Palm. You can get the experience of falling from a height from any of these marvels.

Experienced Flyer Experience

Now, you can avail yourself of more upgraded packages. These trips start from a whopping AED 1750 and are for more experienced flyers. If you want to make yourself better, you should start with the base package. The 60-minute adventure is something, that you can avail yourself of here. However, coaching is not included in this package. The other diving packages for the experienced comes with basic and advanced level coaching and last an hour each. You get the flight gear in all these packages. So, that is a wonderful option for entertainment, indeed.

Group Events

You can also organize group events for schools and for employees. Some people also organize birthdays here. Team Building exercises are quite common today. Now, allow your school children or employees to have a shot at adrenaline-pumping activities meters above the ground. Flying together requires co-ordination and assurances, and that is what this group flying experience will be all about. You will find the group supporting its team members all through the flight. There are three types of group flight experiences that you can avail of at the Ifly Dubai Price. There is a first-time package, a corporate package, and an executive package, that is based on flying time.

The Ultimate Flying Experience

You will be getting a briefing on entry and purchase of the package. Moreover, your instructor will also take you through the safety aspects. The flight chamber is where all the action happens. The place has two huge fans of 400 horsepower that blow air towards the top at 200km/hr. It creates the exact setting for a free fall or floating experience. You will feel weightless and can float with ease inside the tunnel.

Location Of Ifly Dubai

The amazing flying den is located in Centre Mirdif, a neighborhood mall. Additionally, the indoor flying zone is located on the third level of the Play Nation zone. You can reach the mall by taxi or car, from the heart of the city. You can visit the venue at any time throughout the year. You can choose to shop around as well, after you are done with the trills. There are many eateries and cafes as well, inside the mall, where you can head for a lunch or dinner.

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