How to win roulette at VN88

Roulette is becoming one of the best casino games among all online bookies. Many gamers like to enjoy Roulette on VN88 betting site, the Vietnam’s premier online gambling site. Most new players, meanwhile, will lack expertise, tips, and methods for enjoying Roulette efficiently. Loss following loss is the result of this trend. As a result, in this post, we will discover how to play and succeed at VN88 Roulette game. Read this article to find out more about how to play Roulette efficiently.

Roulette rules at VN88

The roulette sport began in France. When came to  Vietnam, it is known as the spinning wheel or small wheel. In concept, this technique resembles Sic bo. In addition, no decks will be utilized during the play.

Essentially, the Roulette regulation is straightforward and simple to grasp. Players must only gamble on any digit. The dealers will then circle the wheel while holding the little ball. If the ball bounces on the value you bet for, you will really be rewarded. This game provides players with a variety of unique and attractive experiences. It’s also the cause behind Roulette’s worldwide success.

How to play VN88 Roulette

Everything is about the betting area that players will pick when it comes to the rules of playing Roulette. There are different rules and payout levels for each type of betting method, as follows:

Set 1

At this type, gamers only have to bet on a single number from 0 to 36. Therefore, the rate of jackpot is 1:35.

Set 2

Double the bet to win bigger. Players have to choose two numbers instead of one. As a result, the payout ratio is 1:17.

Set 3

Do you want to try something harder but more exciting? Try to bet on a row, won’t you? With the payout rate of 1:11, this kind of Roulette bet is preferred the most.

Set 4

Another alternative of row bet when players want something more randomly. They want to bet on corner numbers with the rate of 1:8.

Set 6

One of the hardest ever, the two-row bet with the rate is only about 1:5.

Set 12

Lastly is the three-row bet where players must choose one or two numbers on each row. Their winning ratio is 1:3.

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Roulette playing tips

Please choose the suitable betting table for yourself. The  earliest roulette winning tactics is dependent on the location you choose. Many pros agree that picking a location with a high number of participants increases your chances of winning.

If you bet at a desk with a limited number of gamers, there are fewer players to check your number, therefore your possibilities of win are reduced.

Generally, the most successful Roulette approaches and strategies are those that are examined and learned while playing.

Know your limit

Keeping your emotions stable is the finest betting experiences. It’s critical for gamers who might not realize when to stop gambling and end up losing their whole bankroll. The roulette itself has no exception. To determine whether to keep on playing or to quit, players should relax and control their time.


If you are still not confident about the game, we suggest you search for some online materials about Roulette tips and tricks as well as discussing it with some of your companions. We believe that everyone can master this game, especially at VN88.

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