How to String a Yoyo: 12 Steps

A yoyo is a classic toy that has entertained people of all ages for centuries. It’s simple and fun to use, but if you’re new to yoyoing, you might not know how to string it correctly. In this article, we’ll guide you through 12 easy steps on how to string a yoyo like a pro!

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  1. Gather your materials: Before you begin, make sure you have a yoyo and a new yoyo string.
  2. Unwind the yoyo string: Carefully remove any twists or knots in the string by running your fingers along its length, straightening it out.
  3. Locate the loop at the end of the string: One end of the yoyo string will have a pre-made loop. This loop will be used to attach the string to your finger.
  4. Create a slipknot: Pass the yoyo end of the string through the loop, forming a bigger loop called a slipknot.
  5. Attach the slipknot to your finger: Place your middle finger through the slipknot and tighten it securely so that it’s comfortable and won’t come off during play.
  6. Separate the two threads at the other end of the string: You’ll notice that there are two separate threads twisted together at this end. Using your fingers or a small tool like a paperclip, gently separate these threads for about an inch or so.
  7. Find an opening in between the yoyo halves: Locate the gap between the two halves of your yoyo where the axle resides.
  8. Loop the separated threads around the axle: Pass one of these separated threads through this gap, encircling the axle in between them.
  9. Retwist the threads together: Once you’ve successfully looped the separated threads around the axle, gently retwist them together until you reach where they naturally meet.
  10. Wind the yoyo: Hold the yoyo in one hand with the string hanging down. With your other hand, wind the string around the yoyo’s axle until it’s fully wound up, ensuring that it doesn’t get tangled or twisted in the process.
  11. Test your yoyo for proper balance: Once you’ve wound it up, give your yoyo a gentle toss, and then pull it back up to your hand. If it spins smoothly and returns without issue, then you’ve successfully strung your yoyo!
  12. Practice and enjoy: Now that your yoyo is properly strung, practice throwing, catching, and learning new tricks. Don’t forget to have fun!

And there you have it – 12 easy steps on how to string a yoyo! Remember to be patient and consistent as you practice and perfect your skills. With a little time and effort, you’ll be impressing friends and family with your impressive yoyo tricks in no time!

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