How To Secure Your VPS Server in the Netherlands

How To Secure Your VPS Server in the Netherlands?


If you want to ensure the utmost protection and privacy for your sensitive data, then you need to become a client of our VPS Netherlands. Our virtual private server, located in the Netherlands, facilitates dedicated resources within a virtually isolated space on the main server, ensuring that there is no interference from other websites.

With our strong firewalls and intelligent encryption, unauthorized access is effectively prevented, and data loss is eliminated. You can use our VPS hosting Netherlands to get high-level data security and protection.

After reading this article, you will have a wider perspective on VPS and its security. Read further to learn about the features of the best VPS hosting in Netherlands.

Why is VPS Netherlands Hosting Important?

If you are someone who has good website traffic or deals in time-sensitive data, you need VPS Netherlands hosting. Let’s take a brief look at how VPS Netherlands can help you grow your business.

● Security

Every business records data on a day-to-day basis from its clients. Business data is crucial to the future growth of a business. Regarding a website, everything from the layout to the client details is part of the data that needs to be secured. Our Netherlands VPS hosting facilitates high data security through anti-DDoS software, robust firewall, and dedicated web resources.

● Performance

The performance of a server highly depends on the amount of web resources it is fed. A virtual private server provides ample web resources, which leads to a smoothly functioning server even during high workloads.

● Flexibility

Every fast pacing business or website requires a flexible approach to hosting services. The biggest reason behind this is that the usage of the resources depends on the website traffic and the amount of data. A VPS is efficient enough to provide proper upgrades to resources in Netherlands.

Is it possible to Hack a Netherlands VPS?

Without a proper security arrangement, any server can be hacked. This is where we stress the importance of security features carefully packed into our Netherlands VPS plans. Ensure your server has the following security features for secure data transmission.

  • Strong authentification

Passwords play a major role when it comes to data protection. Make sure you have unique passwords that are difficult to breach. Further, you can even have 2-factor authentication to enhance data security.

  • Updated operating system

Updated operating systems are vital for the security of the server. Using an outdated system may result in technical support and compatibility issues, making the system vulnerable to hackers. Thus, the installation of the latest updates is an important step. All our VPS plans in the Netherlands are cheap and facilitate updated operating systems.

  • Automated server monitoring

Although it may seem insignificant, automated server monitoring can greatly impact the outcome of a cyberattack. Preventing attacks such as DDoS is crucial in the early stages, where automated server monitoring proves effective.

Eight Ways to Keep your VPS Secure in Netherlands

If you need any help then don’t be afraid to get in touch; we’ll be happy to help. Let’s get started, here are 8 ways to keep your VPS secure.

● Establish Unique SSH Login

Brute-force attacks commonly target websites that use common credentials for SSH login. An SSH login is essential to establish remote access between several devices. Make sure you don’t use default credentials.

● Use Updated Software

Hackers frequently target outdated software because of its vulnerabilities. Our VPS Netherlands plans are always up-to-date with the latest software and applications to ensure optimal security.

● Tally VPS Server Records

Server logs offer a deep analysis of your server’s health. With our cheap VPS in Netherlands plans, you can get the facility of automated server monitoring. This will prepare you in advance to handle any unforeseen situation related to the server.

● Robust Firewall Configuration

Unleashing unwanted traffic on websites is a common way to hack a website. A robust firewall configuration aids in intrusion detection and enhances network traffic filtering.

● Install Anti-malware Software

Anti-malware software detects malware and protects the server by mitigating such attacks at an initial level. Our Dutch VPS hosting is fully equipped with the latest anti-malware software.

● Secured Root Access

Root access makes it very easy to manage various software and applications. Some of these software and applications might be ready for updates, and you can do them quickly through proper root access.

● Proper Backup

Although backups fall outside the scope of security systems, they are critical when you face a cyberattack. A proper backup will help you get back on track within a short period of time.

● Use SSL Certificate

Data is a very precious commodity in today’s era; it is very vulnerable to cyberattacks during transmission. However, by obtaining an SSL certificate, the data encryption is strengthened, ensuring that the transfer of data is secure.


With millions of hackers looming across the internet, you need robust server hosting. Opting for our cheap VPS plans in Netherlands saves your server from being compromised due to an outdated OS, software, or application.

Simply installing your SSL certificate and getting a proper data backup can save you from the embarrassment of cyberattacks. Always make sure you have a robust firewall to fight back any unwanted traffic. We genuinely hope you got a clear idea of Netherlands VPS servers and their safety features through this article.

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