How to Plan for your First Solo Trip? 10 Comprehensive Travel Planning Tips

They say traveling and touring alone is one of the scariest, riskiest, overwhelming, yet liberating adventures one can ever have in life, and true that!

A solo trip is all about spending time with you only. And beyond that, a trip all by yourself and in your own company will help you know a thing or two about yourself.

Going on a solo trip, however, is easier said than done and even more so when you are going to do it for the first time.

There are a lot of things – from budget and funds to itinerary – to be prepared, making first-timers feel excited at the very thought of it.

Worry not! In this blog, we have put together 10 solo travel tips or suggestions for first-timers. Read on and get yourself ready to go solo and enjoy your own company!!!

  1. Decide the Destination of your First Solo Trip

Selecting a good destination always comes first. All travelers agree that in solo trips, the experience of exploring sites alone is more significant than the destination itself.

That said, you should pick a place that makes you feel at ease and comfortable since traveling solo is already an overwhelming experience.

Is there a location that you always craved traveling to? A location that you always felt drawn to?  Ask yourself and accordingly plan to your taste.

Those who are feeling a little panicky about traveling alone can start with familiar and regular places while hard-core adventure seekers can even think of places abroad.

Anyway, it should be a place that inspires you and keeps you excited and enthusiastic.

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  1. Fix your Budget

The most important thing about any trip is fixing a budget. And it is even more important when you are going to take a solo trip.

You have to take care that you will not fall short of money. Two things that specify your solo trip budget to a large extent are transportation and accommodation.

These two are the expenses where you will spend the most. Choose affordable accommodation that comes within your budget and enjoy your trip too. Spend your money wisely.

  1. Take a Light But Smart Luggage with yourself

For solo tourists, it is best to travel light.

Touring light helps you organize your luggage and guide crowds with ease, and it gives you the privilege to use public transit (i.e. buses, overnight buses, trains) where bag storage is limited.

Traveling compactly is also beneficial when it comes to having to go to the bathroom (and not having anyone around to keep an eye on your luggage)!

  1. Take Care of Your Safety and Security

Safety and security are of the utmost priority for travelers who travel alone. You will need to use and utilize street smarts and take precautions as you won’t have anyone to keep a watch on your back.

  1. Pre-book your Tickets

Once your travel plan and budget are finalized, it’s time to make the next big move – reserving your tickets. This is an area where you can save up some of your cash.

For instance, most of the places in India are linked via a network of railways, which is the most inexpensive mode of travel.

However, if you get air tickets at very low rates, you can also consider flying to your destination. Likewise, also book your housing well in advance.

Don’t forget to go through online deals for hotels; many online travel companies come up with great offers and discounts all through the year.

  1. Convince your Parents

We all know how hard it is to convince our parents to go on a trip all alone. The word ‘solo’ is enough to set off the alarm bells.

Unless you are lucky, you will have to deal with a series of questions, starting from “Solo what!?” to “Why don’t you take your brother or cousin along for company?”

The series of questions and the degree of uncertainty might double or triple if the traveler is a girl or woman.

You must be ready to talk to your parents and answer every possible question coming from them, no matter how silly they might sound to you.

  1. Always Travel With Backup Plans

All the fears and speculative worries you have about touring alone boost us to formulate backup plans that might bite that scary idea in the butt.

  • Take your housing or hotel business card with you in case you get lost and need to hire a cab to bring you back.
  • Keep xerox copies of important papers like passports in different parts of your bag, as well as online in say, Google Docs.
  • Take backup money and credit cards in case your ATM card doesn’t work or your credit card gets sagged.
  1. Keep in touch with your friends and family

As you are traveling alone it is important for you to keep in touch with your friends and family throughout your trip.  

Always! Let your family and friends know where you are each day and where you are going to travel next.

Let them know that you are safe and secure and having a good time. It will definitely help you, a LOT!!

  1. Start your day as early as possible

When you are on a solo trip start your day as early as possible so that you can explore and enjoy more and more places. On days you intend to go sightseeing, start your day early.

That way, you can avoid the public in popular sightseeing places such as famous parks and museums.

After your daytime activities, come back to your hotel or housing and have a nice dinner to refill your energy.

  1. Avoid consumption of Alcoholic beverages

Last but not the least!! On your solo trip try to avoid alcoholic beverages as much as you can.

While there is nothing bad with visiting a regional pub and having a drink to lighten up your mood, you should go a little easy on alcoholic beverages.

Never EVER get intoxicated when you are on your own as it won’t be safe for you.

Winding Up!!!

Traveling or touring alone can be an enjoyable experience as you have total freedom to personalize your travel plan as you wish.

While you may need to take extra precautions, there are plenty of options to absorb the local culture and visit popular attractions of the city on your journey.

For planning your first solo trip you can use Travel Planner Template which will help you in planning your travel efficiently.

These planners are easily available on the internet these days. But for the best travel planners you can visit the website Troyes Digital Design.

Have a safe and fun solo trip!!!

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