How To Choose The Best Screwdriver

How To Choose The Best Screwdriver

It’s a small but essential tool for any homeowner that works with screws. It helps you quickly work fastening screws in tight spots and finish the job quickly. This blog follows the steps to picking a quality screwdriver manufacturer like Jakemy for your needs.

Factors to consider when choosing the screwdriver

You might have seen several screws with various head types. So either it is your first time buying a screwdriver, or you are planning to upgrade the existing one with something better, these points will surely help you to much extent.

  1. Usage Frequency

Buying a screwdriver and which one depends on how often you need them and most of which type. For example, you can rely on a basic and limited screwdriver if you have normal usage, like changing the switch button or installing shelves that require normal drilling and screws. Usage frequency also depends on what you prefer to do when something in your home needs to be fixed. For example, are you the type of person that rushes to call a repairer, or do you prefer to solve minor issues on your own?

2 . Buying a budget

Whereas your usage frequency has much to do with ascertaining your buying budget, there is also a general rule of thumb in allocating an amount you wish to spend on a screwdriver. The general rule of thumb for making expenditure states that it is always wise to pay a bit higher price for something that will last longer than its cheaper version. The tips of any low-priced unbranded screwdriver won’t fit precisely into the screw head. Thus, if you apply force to make it work, its edges will eventually chip, and it will become useless. Buying a good quality screwdriver will certainly cost more but will be worth an investment and serve you longer.

3 . Type

Screwdrivers come with two options. The first option is a complete screwdriver for each screw head-type bit you require.  This can be expensive and requires more storage space.

On the other hand, the second option comes with one screwdriver handle in which different screw head type bits can fit. Of course, this screwdriver set requires less storage space, is cheap, and offers more bit types.

4 . Electric shock resistant or insulated

If your usage requires you to come in contact with live electrical wiring, it is better to buy an insulated or, in simple words, an electric shock-resistant screwdriver set. An insulated screwdriver set will have a protective layer on its handling side or grip area. A non-insulated screwdriver set is safe where your work does not involve electricity.

If you do not find much price difference between an insulated and a non-insulated screwdriver set and if your desired screwdriver type is also available in an insulated version (which generally is not the case), then it is advisable to prefer safety over money.


Finally, we recommend only buying a screwdriver from the right manufacturer, such as Jakemy. Jakemy screwdrivers are useful for maintenance, disassembling, and assembling some common household devices and equipment. Therefore, you can’t miss it!

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