How to Be Successful And Get Everything You Want in Life

How to Be Successful And Get Everything You Want in Life

Change the Way You Look at Your Body

Now we are going to get to the bottom of a mystery and one of the great inequities of life. I bet you know people who eat more than you do, exercise less and yet never seem to put on a pound. They’re not lying about the amount they eat any more than you are. They do eat a lot. Maddening, but true

It’s What You Eat

Do you believe that a man can go from gaining 0.5 pound a week to losing 3.9 pounds a week without significantly altering the number of calories he consumes? Let me introduce you to Harry Kornberg. I want you to pay close attention to his story and try not to give way to disbelief, because these results are real. Harry Kornberg, the 39-year-old manager of a lumberyard, came to me with a heart arrhythmia and a desperate weight problem. He had been chubby even as a child, but now things were out of hand. A few years before, he had gone to a low-fat diet center and had managed to drop from 245 to 185 pounds. Sounds good. But before long, Harry had gained it all back with an added dividend of another 35 pounds.

OK, It’s What I Eat, But Will I Still Enjoy Eating?

It will really surprise me if you can’t. Let’s take a look at Patricia Finley’s menu. She’s been doing Atkins for three and a half months, and she’s lost 31 pounds. Patricia, who used to eat quite a lot of starches and who would sometimes go, on massive dessert binges when she was under pressure, has converted to tasty, controlled carbohydrate eating.

For breakfast, she eats a cheese omelet, or some vegetables with blue cheese, or bacon and eggs. Lunch can be tuna fish or chicken with a sumptuous salad. But sometimes she’ll have chopped sirloin sautéed with onions, chili powder and peppers. Patricia enjoys having olives or asparagus spears for snacks, but she puts the greatest amount of energy and attention into dinner. She finds that it isn’t possible to feel deprived when you’re enjoying a meal consisting of guacamole (mashed avocado mixed with tomatoes, onion and seasoning) and strips of chicken and steak.


  • get right back on track if you occasionally “fall off” Atkins.
  • stop binge eating in a matter of days.
  • manage cravings for sweets and starches.
  • ensure that what you lose is fat and not lean body tissue.
  • modify your food choices according to your own metabolism.
  • supplement your meals with vitanutrients to help overcome metabolic resistance.
  • With your doctor’s supervision, eliminate certain medications that helped keep you fat.


  • overcome diet-related conditions such as unstable blood sugar, yeast infections and food intolerances. • avoid the health catastrophe of hyperinsulinism.
  • improve your energy level, which will make exercise easier.
  • find the right vitanutrients to complement the foods you eat for complete nutrition.
  • lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and improve your other blood chemistry values.
  • Address the medical conditions-especially diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressures often associated with obesity.


  • navigate supermarket aisles to find controlled carb, low-sugar foods.
  • dine out with ease in elegant restaurants or even fast food chains.
  • attend dinner parties without compromising your weight loss program or offending your hosts.
  • explain your new way of eating to family and friends.
  • go on vacation or attend special functions without cheating.
  • eat comfortably with those whose style of eating remains different from yours.

Lastly Comment

That’s an ambitious program I’ve just outlined: I am happy I don’t have to warn you that it’s going to be difficult. The truth is that as long as you are committed, it’s going to be surprisingly easy. And it’s going to literally change your life-and your perception of yourself.

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