How To Achieve The Ultimate Patio With Pavers

How To Achieve The Ultimate Patio With Pavers

The majority of homeowners try to make the most of whatever outdoor space they have, and in light of the recent health pandemic, gardens and even balconies, have become highly sought after for homebuyers and renters alike.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden adjoining your home, a carefully thought-out and professionally installed patio can make the space far more usable and visually appealing. For more inspiration, click here.

Whether you’re planning to remain in the property for the foreseeable future, or plan to sell it, a paved outdoor area could make all the difference, and here’s how to achieve the ultimate patio:

Figure out where your patio should be

Decide on the best spot for your patio, and consider accessibility, privacy and weatherproofing when making your final decision, to ensure that you’re able to get the most out of the space, come rain or shine.

Create a patio template

When you’ve decided where your patio should be, use string to lay the dimensions out. This will help give you a clearer visual perspective of how a patio would look in the space.

Determine the size of the pavers

While smaller pavers can help to make a patio look bigger, and are well suited to more traditional spaces such as a cottage garden, if your patio design is relatively spacious, larger pavers will be a more economical, and contemporary choice.

Note that if you’re also having a driveway installed, using the same size and style and size of pavers may help to create visual continuity around the home. Block paving driveways are a wonderful addition to any property, just as patio’s are, and can help with both accessibility and saleability.

Decide on a modern or traditional style patio

Pavers made from materials like porcelain or polished sandstone can help create a more contemporary look for a patio, while tumbled block pavers or riven sandstone flags make for a traditional design. Think carefully about the style of your home, and whether the design and materials you plan to use for the patio, complement that effectively. Take the time to choose the right pavers, and if necessary, seek guidance from your chosen paving company.

Enhance the space with greenery

Green walls are a wonderfully effective way to enhance a patio and can even help create a more private space, too. Green walls are achieved when planting trays (filled with a specialist planting medium such as cocopeat) are interlocked and attached to posts with backing boards. You can buy them readymade, or if you’ve got the know-how, make one yourself, just be sure to choose plants that are suitable for such an environment, and discuss watering systems with a gardening expert.

As well as, or instead of a green wall, you could use trellises to create a similar effect, or even have large potted plants dotted around the space to make it more visually appealing, and if big enough, enhance privacy, too.

There are many ways to enhance a patio once it has been laid, but these are only ever as effective as the patio itself. So, make sure you hire an experienced company to install your patio, so that the pavers are evenly spaced and securely installed.

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