How Much Do Fake Designer Handbags Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

Fake designer bags are often sold at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. But how much do they actually cost? We did some research to find out. It is important to know because if you’re buying a fake, you’re supporting the illegal market for knockoffs and contributing to the global counterfeit trade.

The approximate cost of the fake designer bags:

The price of fake designer handbags can vary widely, depending on the quality of the knockoff and where you purchase it. For example, a high-quality fake designer handbag might cost $200, while a lower-quality one might go for as little as $20.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 for a fake designer handbag. However, if you’re looking for something very specific or high-end, you could end up paying much more.

Where to Buy Fake Designer Handbags?

There are a few different places you can buy fake designer handbags.

  • One option is to purchase them from online retailers.
  • There are many reputable sites that sell high-quality replicas, and you can often find good deals on these products.
  • Another option is to buy fake designer handbags from street vendors. This is usually a cheaper option, but the quality of the bags will likely be lower as well.
  • Finally, you can sometimes find fake designer handbags at flea markets or garage sales. However, it can be difficult to find authentic replicas in these venues.

Factors affecting the cost of fake designer bags:

The cost of a fake designer handbag is affected by several factors, including the quality of the knockoff, the brand being replicated, and where you purchase it.

  1. Quality: The quality of a fake designer handbag can vary greatly. Lower-quality replicas are often made with cheaper materials and lack attention to detail. These bags may fall apart easily or look noticeably fake. On the other hand, high-quality replicas can be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing.
  2. Brand: The price of a fake designer handbag also depends on which brand is being replicated. For example, a replica designer bag will typically cost more than a replica Coach bag. This is because the brand item is a more expensive brand, and thus, their knockoffs are more costly to produce.
  3. Location: Finally, the price of a fake designer handbag is also affected by where you purchase it. Bags bought from online retailers or street vendors will typically be cheaper than those bought at flea markets or garage sales. This is because online retailers and street vendors often have access to lower-cost materials and labor.


Fake designer handbags can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 on average. However, the price will vary depending on the quality of the replica and the brand being replicated. You can usually find the best deals on these products by shopping online from websites like Style Shake or at street vendors.

Finally, remember that the price of a fake designer handbag is also affected by where you purchase it. Bags acquired from internet merchants or roadside vendors will, on average, be less expensive than those purchased at flea markets or yard sales.

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