How many players win at online casinos: some statistics

How many players win at online casinos: some statistics

The casino provides an opportunity for additional income, for which players do not even need to leave their apartments. Each game in the catalog has certain characteristics, including the percentage of return, as well as volatility, based on which you need to choose the appropriate slot for subsequent bets. Beginners also pay attention to the bonuses that can be obtained at the casino when registering and making a deposit. At the same time, absolutely everyone is interested in how high the probability of winning is due to bets.

Researchers have long discovered patterns that arise in the betting process. First of all, it is worth noting that the chances of winning in an online casino do not depend on the day of the week. If we talk about slot machines in land-based gambling establishments, then players can get more on weekends. The reason is quite banal: fewer people make bets on weekdays, so the probability that the RNG will give the optimal sequence of symbols will be less. On weekends, the casino is visited by the majority of betting enthusiasts, so the frequency of bets reaches its maximum value.

Statistics show that only 11 percent of casino visitors finish their bets when they get a big jackpot. At, customers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, and each of the games presented has its advantages. You can bet on video slots, games with live dealers, or jackpot machines. The main point is the ability to control your passion. To do this, gamblers are recommended:

  • monitor the time of visiting the casino;
  • set daily betting limits;
  • Never play with borrowed funds.

Each player has a certain approach to gambling. Most beginners try to reduce risks, so they make bets on small amounts. More experienced visitors often become high rollers. We are talking about players who place bets at the maximum limits. These clients account for approximately 10 percent of casino traffic. This is a risky strategy, as 90 percent of such bets turn out to be losing. At the same time, one victory can bring a payout of several tens of thousands of dollars.

Up-to-date casino betting statistics

If we are talking about losses, then the average monthly amounts are 3000-5000 dollars. Such losses are almost 100 times more common than similar wins. Wall Street Journal journalists conducted a study together with scientists from the University of Michigan. They surveyed over 18,000 land-based casino customers that operate in the US. The results were as follows:

  • in case of a big loss, about half of the visitors finish the game;
  • Approximately 13 percent of players remain on the winning side.

Another interesting observation is that a relatively small group of players brings the largest income to the casino. So, among the surveyed gamblers, only 3 percent (about 500 people) lost really large amounts, which in general amounted to about 50 percent of the losses of all participants in the study. These results correlate with earlier research, which found that 10 percent of players bring in 80 percent of the revenue. Knowing about the patterns of bets in the casino, it will be easier for players to decide on the optimal strategy and start earning. You just need to make sure that the casino offers high-quality service and top entertainment.

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