How Can Your Company Get More Benefit From A Street Light Pole Banner

As the seasons change, consumers notice the streets in the cities and towns are decorated to coordinate with the time of year. Generally, that includes the street lights and the banners that flank them.

The varied shops and businesses will celebrate with promotions and sales by adorning the street poles with festive signage meant to draw the attention of passers-by and draw them into their establishments.

A banner for street light poles is the ideal marketing scheme since they serve two purposes for a busy street.

They add to the surrounding aesthetic keeping the mood while advertising the goods and services for the businesses and informing the consumers on what’s available to them in their area. How can a company get the most benefit from a banner marketing scheme? Let’s learn.

How Can Your Company Get More Benefit From A Street Light Pole Banner

Streetlights add ambiance to cities and towns, and the banners that dress them complete the mood. These often have a festive flair as the shops and businesses attempt to keep up with the holidays and happenings in the local areas when they prepare for their sales and promotions.

These are welcome, inviting, and practical marketing tools businesses use to introduce their brand to the consumer, welcome them to come in and learn more, and entice them to buy their goods and services.

How can a company make its street light pole banner more effective in drawing the demographic? Check out these tips.

●     Reinforce the essential aspects of the message

Many people might be of the mindset that pole banners are the least of the priorities in the grand scheme of marketing tactics. The indication, however, is that “a new sale is not generated until the offer is put in front of the buyer at least seven times.”

With the current economic landscape, it could take much more convincing and many more “views” to finalize the deal. The benefit of pole lighting is that a business has the opportunity to line the street with the message more than seven times, overtly reinforcing their message for anyone walking along the sidewalk or driving past.

Not only will people who frequent the area be drawn to the business, but anyone visiting from another area possibly expands the establishment’s reach.

●     The location is key to a successful campaign

You can create banners that would, under usual conditions, draw consumers from far and wide. Still, if the light poles are in a location where there is no activity, either walking in the surrounding community or driving the streets, the site will hurt your marketing strategy.

Businesses will pay substantial amounts to have their signage placed in more prominent areas so more people will be privy to their message. It’s vital to go where the traffic is.

The suggestion for making this determination is to go to a specific area deemed as “high-traffic” at varied times of the day to gauge the traffic. If you can validate the location, select it for your light pole banners.

●     Create a concise bold, brilliant message

The indication is that the pole banner messages need to be concise so those reading them can get the gist within a “two-second view.” It’s roughly estimated that a driver has the capacity to check these out between “two and four seconds.”

While those walking along have the potential to take more time, it’s suggested to create the design with the driver in mind since you want to appeal to all potential consumers.

That means the font must be bold, well-sized, and easy to read instead of a thin, calligraphy, or cursive variation. Brilliant coloring will draw the eye over that of pastels or softer hues.

Further, the final product must be enormous. The signage will be placed high on a street pole far away from the driver. That means it will appear small in their eyes regardless of how large it might feel to you. A banner that’s too small will be ignored. Go here for details on the differences between banners and other forms of advertising.

Final Thought

A graphic design team is an ideal partner when working to create a street pole banner that will speak to the target demographic. It can be a challenge for the entrepreneur or the business leader to pull themself away from the corporate component to don the creative cap that will appeal to the average consumer.

The professional can take the establishment’s message and translate it into a visual message meant to entice and attract, making an effective marketing strategy for promoting the business.

After all, the goal is not merely to reach the goals set for a specific campaign but to exceed them. You will have achieved brand recognition when the audience sees and remembers a company’s message.

That means you and your graphic designer succeeded. The street light banner program is simplistic, albeit efficient and quite effective.

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