HalloWins tournament at PIN-UP India 2023

To celebrate Halloween 2023, PIN-UP Casino has organized a lot of lucrative events. The HalloWins-themed tournament with a prize pool of ₹3,300,000 deserves special attention. It is available today, so gambling lovers need to hurry up. In this review, we will look at the main prizes and conditions of participation in this tournament.

Who can participate in the HalloWins tournament at PIN-UP India 2023

All registered Pin-Up Casino users who are active and verified can compete for cool gifts in the HalloWins tournament. To confirm participation, it is enough to go to the section of the same name, located on the top panel of the site. After that, the player will see a thematic splash screen and the key “take part”. The tournament is held from October 23 to October 31, so only the fastest users can take the main prizes.

What prizes are up for grabs in the HalloWins tournament at PIN-UP India 2023

Each participant in the HalloWins tournament can receive only one gift. The size of the prize directly depends on the number of points earned. To get one point, you need to play certain slot machines for real money. One point is awarded for every ₹83 of winnings. Thus, a win of ₹4,150 will earn the user 50 points, which count towards the total points. Gifts will be given to the first 300 players in the standings:

  • 1st place: ₹800,000;
  • 2nd place: ₹600,000;
  • 3rd place: ₹300,000;
  • 4th place: ₹200,000;
  • 5th place: ₹120,000;
  • 6th place: ₹100,000;
  • 7th place: ₹90,000;
  • 8th place: ₹80,000;
  • 9th place: ₹70,000;
  • 10th place: ₹60,000;
  • 11th place: ₹50,000;
  • 12th place: ₹40,000;
  • 13th place: ₹37,000;
  • 14th place: ₹35,000;
  • 15th place: ₹30,000;
  • 16th place: ₹28,000;
  • 17th place: ₹25,000;
  • 18th place: ₹20,000;
  • 19th place: ₹18,000;
  • 20th place: ₹15,000;
  • 21st place: ₹13,000;
  • 22nd place: ₹10,000;
  • 23rd place: ₹9,000;
  • 24th place: ₹8,000;
  • 25th place: ₹7,000;
  • 26th place: ₹6,000;
  • 27th place: ₹5,500;
  • 28th place: ₹5,000;
  • 29th place: ₹4,500;
  • 30th place: ₹4,000;
  • 31-200th place: ₹3,000;
  • 201-210th place: 200 free spins;
  • 211-220th place: 100 free spins;
  • 221-300th place: 25 free spins.

On the last day of the tournament, there will be a final scoring of all users, namely on the 31st, after 16:00 UTC+3. The winners will automatically receive the corresponding prizes within 24 hours of the last scoring.

Which slots would be suitable for HalloWins at PIN-UP India 2023

The HalloWins event at PIN-UP casino affects slots exclusively, so the tournament will be a great solution for gamblers. Fans of sports betting can participate in other holiday promotions. To get points players need to bet in such slots: Book of Fruits Halloween, Hot Hot Halloween, Halloween Crystals, Book Of Horror – Friday The 13th, and others. A full list of suitable slot machines can be found in the background information of the event in paragraph 2.4.

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