Get A First Class Experience In Playing The Ludo Games With Speical Money

Get A First Class Experience In Playing The Ludo Games With Speical Money

Ludo is one of the top classic board games, and it started in India from the pachisi. Now, it is a well-played game in major parts of the world. This game is applicable to play with 2 to 4 players by simply rolling the dice and moving their given pawns in the square board in this cross-shaped way. Due to the massive smartphone and cheap internet, the Ludo game obtains great wealth, and it is simple to access and rise for real money games, too. Some common rules of this game remain to play in both offline and online versions. Hence, you have to download the Ludo App and provide the best solution.

Special features:

There are a number of apps, such as Ludo Culture, and it took the game to major people to play with full comfort and new experience. It is designed with special features and has a point system in the games, so most of the play assures to enjoy every second with no risk. In a classic game of Ludo, the goal is to get all of the pawns from the starting area to the home area, which is in the middle of the board. At the same time, the main objective of Points Ludo is to move all of the pawns to your home region and win the game with the most points possible.

Ludo Points:

The Ludo Game’s Points system gives an intriguing and enjoyable twist on the classic board game. It adds a new level of competition by fusing the strategic gameplay of the conventional classic variation with a points-based system. In order to reach the center of the board while delaying the opponent’s pawns, the Players must roll the dice and maneuver their pawns around the board. The Ludo game is typically associated with enjoyment and amusement.

It is one of the Ludo on Ludo culture for 10 minutes

  • It is one of the traditional ludo board games and pawns in the open position
  • You never want to roll a six on the dice to unlock pawns
  • The player wishes to start the game by rolling the dice
  • It would help if you hit over the dice icon to roll the dice and click over the pawn to move forwardthe pawn movement corresponds to generated on the dice.
  • You have to get +1 to score for tile movement and five simultaneously  on the first turn and pawn move five spaces on the part of the board and get + points the player who kills to pawn of  opponents get +7 points, and
  • Pawn is wished to be sent back to the wish title, and the player loses the points and wishes to be earned by the killed pawn.
  • You need to check the overall score of each pawn on the board by clicking the points button
  • The player, with the help of the points, wins the game.


The Ludo Points Game adds points to the traditional board game of Ludo, bringing back its charm. Playing the online ludo board game is more difficult and entertaining because of the Ludo cultural point’s game. Additionally, there is a Ludo Leaderboard where you can daily earn enormous prizes.

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