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There are so many tasks in the student’s life and they have to do a lot of things they are ordered by their mentors. Apart from these tasks they perform studies of their own also to achieve good positions and good scores in the class. They get assignments, projects and research papers also to make them aware of the course they are studying. Though there are several new mediums of study like online learning and they have several innovative tools like LMS and ERP to help the students, at last it is students who have to do hard work and put in the effort to study. During so much going on in their academic life students get stressed too much and are unable to focus on their studies as well as in their personal life. This distraction from necessary things makes them lose their focus and due to which their marks in their academic performance starts to degrade and they get scolded by their parents as well as tutors. To concentrate on the studies and study carefully is known as focus which usually students are not able to do these days due to excessive pressure of heavy curriculum and study material. Somehow students complete their 1st semester and 2nd semester arrives on their head, due to which they don’t get a sigh of relief for even a second. So, here the question which arises is how to manage the studies of students in such a manner that they can focus on their studies, academic life and personal life? Let’s understand the answer to this question in detail.

First of all, studying the course material unorganized is not the way to study properly. As LMS and ERP manage the schools in a systematic and planned way, similarly students need to make a plan first to study so that they can get study materials organized and proceed learning according to plan step by step. This brings a good level of focus. When students follow a perfectly designed schedule then they are able to provide enough time to each of their subjects and that too with complete level of focus. Focus is not a commodity that can be bought from the market, instead it is earned by studying in a systematically arranged environment where there should be ample amount of natural light with a neat and clean atmosphere. To give sooth to the mind it is necessary that there should be a beautiful flower plant there. If needed, music with a sweet tune that can calm the mind should also be played to create the focus. Studying with great effort is a good thing but taking care of the body and mind is also similarly necessary for the students. First of all, they should never let the body be dehydrated and should keep a bottle of water with them while studying and take a sip of water after every 20 minutes. With this, they need to take breaks regularly after every 30-40 minutes to relax, mind, body and eyes during which they can take a stroll in a room or garden or they can drink a glass of smoothies etc.

Along with above stated methods to focus students need to remove all those things from their surroundings which can destroy their focus and concentration like TV, android phones, loud sounds of speakers, people chattering and social media platforms. All these mediums of distractions should be removed from the study station of the students then only they will be able to concentrate and focus on their study material otherwise their mind will keep distracting. While studying, students are seen so dedicated that they forget their food and water but this is not a good way to study. As mentioned about the schedule for water, food should also be taken timely so that a well fed student’s focus will not be distracted due to an empty belly. Eating properly is also necessary because it takes care of your health to study and focus properly. Students should know how to reward themselves for their great efforts in studies, like taking holiday, watching movies sometimes, going for a walk gives happiness to mind which helps in building great focus in studies. And all of the above they should not wake up late at night and should take an ample amount of sleep of 6-8 hours to keep the mind and body recharged and healthy. If a student follows all the above stated rules then he/she will attain focus in studies for sure.

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