Floodlight Cam S330 - Your Ultimate Guardian

Floodlight Cam S330 – Your Ultimate Guardian

The Floodlight Cam S330 emerges as a standout sentinel, offering unparalleled protection for your home. Delve into the unique attributes of the Floodlight Cam S330, a cutting-edge flood light with a camera redefining how we safeguard our surroundings.

360° Pan and Tilt: Floodlight Cam S330’s All-Seeing Vigilance

Experience proper comprehensive surveillance with the Floodlight Cam S330. Its 360° pan and tilt feature ensures no corner goes unseen. This flood light with a camera lets you keep a watchful eye on your property, leaving no room for blind spots or unexpected surprises.

2K Full HD Clarity: Every Detail, Crystal Clear

Elevate your monitoring experience with the Floodlight Cam S330’s 2K Full HD resolution. Whether live-streaming or reviewing recorded footage, this flood light with a camera guarantees sharpness and clarity that capture even the finest nuances.

Smart Illumination: Floodlight Cam S330’s Adaptive Brilliance

Imagine a flood light with a camera that adjusts its illumination based on your environment. The Floodlight Cam S330 does precisely that. With its brilliant illumination, this flood light with a camera optimizes spotlight color temperature and brightness according to sunrise, sunset, schedules, and motion detection, ensuring your property is bathed in the perfect light.

AI Subject Lock and Tracking: Floodlight Cam S330’s Intelligent Sentry

Elevate your surveillance game with the Floodlight Cam S330’s AI subject lock and tracking. When a person is detected, the on-device AI springs into action, locking onto the subject, tracking their movements, and recording their presence. This flood light with a camera brings a new level of intelligent monitoring to your security setup.

Turn Night Into Day: Floodlight Cam S330’s Nighttime Vigilance

With the Floodlight Cam S330’s 3,000-Lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights, darkness is no longer a threat. Not only do these floodlights deter intruders, but they also ensure your flood light with a camera captures vivid, full-colour recordings even during nighttime hours.

Model Number T8423: Your Guardian, Your Identity

Identified by model number T8423, the Floodlight Cam S330 transcends being just a security device. It becomes an essential part of your security framework, providing unwavering protection.

Exclusive Offer: Elevate Your Security

For a limited time, embrace enhanced security with an exclusive S330 outdoor light camera offer. Enjoy a $140 discount from the original price of $599.98 by using code WS24FLCS3302. Secure your flood light with a camera for just $459.98 and take charge of your safety.

Flexible Payment Options: Security Within Reach

Security should never be a compromise. The Floodlight Cam S330 ensures accessibility with 4 interest-free payments or as low as $55 per month with Affirm. This flood light with a camera guarantees peace of mind without straining your budget.


The Floodlight Cam S330 establishes itself as the vanguard of home security, revolutionizing the concept of protection. From its panoramic view to AI-powered vigilance, this flood light with a camera sets a new standard. Embrace advanced security with the Floodlight Cam S330 and fortify your peace of mind.

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