Exploring The Unconventional Ways to Smoke Weed

There are a lot of unconventional ways to smoke weed. Some are safer than others, but they’re still fun and creative! Some of them are also really effective.

Plastic Lungs

If you’re looking for an unconventional way to smoke weed, look no further than a plastic lung. These plastic bottles with bags attached to their mouthpieces create suction when smoked through. They’re easy to make and can get you high fast. Bongs are one of the most popular and effective ways of smoking weed. They’re available in various sizes and styles and can be made from almost any material. They have a unique advantage over other smoking apparatuses; they use water to filter the smoke and reduce the ash you inhale.

Joints are rolled from marijuana and tobacco or a combination of both. To roll a joint, you need marijuana, a rolling paper, and a lighter. If you don’t have any rolling paper, empty cigarette papers can be used. You can also use vape pens, which are similar to e-cigarettes.

Hot Knives

A tried and true method of consuming marijuana without a pipe or rolling papers, hot knives involve placing a small nug of dry herb between two heated metal blades to inhale the resulting vapor. This method is known to conserve cannabis while maximizing potency and is commonly used in social settings, like parties or concerts.

To perform a hot knife hit, heat a pair of metal knives until they glow red and carefully set them down near your mouth. If you’re nervous about holding the hot knives close to your face, use a funnel (like an empty plastic bottle or an old paper towel roll) to help direct the smoke. Be careful when using hot knives, as low-quality metals can melt or release chemicals such as carcinogenic dioxin when burned.


Apples are a great alternative to other smoking materials and offer an enjoyable smoking experience for those who want something more natural. You can use the whole apple as a pipe or just a slice. First, remove the stem of the apple down to the base. This will create a little divot that will serve as the bowl. Using a pen, poke a hole across the top of the apple that coincides with the divot and make another horizontal hole at the side of the apple for a carb. Place the weed in your newly carved hole, light, and smoke! This method can be messy, but it’s easy to do on the go and works well when you lose or break your regular pipe. Just be sure to wash the apple thoroughly and dry it before you use it.

Corn Husks

Corn husks are thin and natural and one of the best alternatives to rolling papers. They smoke slowly and offer a smooth draw without adding any additional flavors to your marijuana.

They’re also easy to roll and require very little prep time. You only need to remove the silk and husks from an ear of corn, and you’re ready to smoke. When making a corn cob pipe, you can use a plastic container such as a 2L bottle, scissors, tape, and aluminum foil. Cut the bottle in half and mold it into a bowl using the foil.

Next, cut the husks into thin strings that you can use to tie your joint. You can then load it up with your favorite weed and start smoking. Be sure to use many herbs to get the most out of your session.


Dry Pipes

You may be surprised that many types of pipes are on the market. The most common styles include bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs. They are similar to dry pipes, providing smoke filtration through water. However, they are typically larger and require more upkeep since the user must frequently fill and clean the water chamber. Try making your pipe from an old soda can for a more unconventional and inexpensive option. To make a soda can pipe first cut off the top and bottom of a soda can. Heat two butter knives over the stove or use a blow torch to heat them until they are hot. Then, position the top of the can over the two knives and squish a nug between them.

Hookah Pipes

If you’re ever caught without a smoking device or a supply of rolling papers, don’t panic. There are several ways to smoke weed without using traditional papers. All you need is a bit of creativity and everyday items around the house. If your favorite way to smoke weed is with tobacco, a simple combination of shisha and bud will give you a nice, mellow high. You can also use a hookah pipe to smoke weed with shisha or a mixture of tobacco and weed for a more intense high. Another popular way to smoke weed is with a vape pen, which converts dry weed into an inhalable vapor. Vaporizers are considered one of the safest and healthiest ways to smoke weed. They are portable and easy to carry with you everywhere.

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