Elevate Your Listening Experience with ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System

Prepare to be swept away by the extraordinary audio experience offered by ESD Acoustic‘s Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System. Boasting all field coil compression drivers with a magnetic density of 2.4T, this system effortlessly harnesses powerful magnetic flux, ensuring a mesmerizing and captivating sound reproduction. With its world-exclusive sub-bass giant carbon fiber horn, the Super Dragon delivers uncolored, powerful bass that adds depth and intensity to your favorite music. Immerse yourself in the ultimate hi-fi stereo system and full-range loudspeaker experience with the Super Dragon, and let the music resonate with incredible clarity and precision.

Unleash the Power of Field Coil Compression Drivers

The Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System from ESD Acoustic is equipped with field coil compression drivers that exhibit a magnetic density of 2.4T. This unparalleled magnetic flux enables the system to reproduce sound with exceptional accuracy and impact. Whether it’s the delicate notes of a piano or the thunderous beats of a bass guitar, the Super Dragon delivers every nuance and detail with remarkable precision. With these powerful drivers, your listening experience will be transformed, allowing you to rediscover your favorite music in a whole new light.

Experience Unrivaled Bass Performance with the Sub-Bass Giant Carbon Fiber Horn

ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon features a world-exclusive sub-bass giant carbon fiber horn designed to provide unmatched bass performance. The use of carbon fiber ensures the horn’s rigidity and durability, allowing it to accurately reproduce low-frequency sounds without distortion. Experience deep, resonant bass that fills the room and immerses you in the music. Whether you’re a fan of electronic beats or orchestral symphonies, the Super Dragon’s sub-bass horn delivers powerful, uncolored bass that will leave you captivated.

 Seamless Transitions for a Natural Sound with the Analog Active Crossover

The Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System is complemented by a five-plus-one-way analog active crossover, ensuring smooth transitions between different frequency ranges. This advanced crossover technology optimizes the sound reproduction, resulting in a more natural and immersive listening experience. By precisely dividing the audio signal, the analog active crossover allows each driver to focus on its specific frequency range, creating a balanced and harmonious soundstage. Enjoy a seamless blend of highs, mids, and lows, and rediscover your music collection with enhanced clarity and depth.


ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System is a testament to their commitment to audio excellence. With its field coil compression drivers boasting a magnetic density of 2.4T, the system delivers powerful and precise sound reproduction. The world-exclusive sub-bass giant carbon fiber horn adds depth and intensity to the listening experience, while the analog active crossover ensures seamless transitions for a natural sound. Immerse yourself in the world of hi-fi speakers with the Super Dragon and elevate your audio experience to new heights. With a frequency response of 18-52,000 Hz(±3dB) and a sensitivity of 112 dB, the Super Dragon offers an unparalleled listening experience. Rediscover your favorite music and indulge in the immersive sound quality delivered by ESD Acoustic’s Super Dragon Hi-Fi Stereo System. Elevate your audio experience and embrace the power of hi-fi speakers with the Super Dragon.

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