Dodge these mistakes with your injury claim in Cedar Rapids

When hurt in an accident due to someone’s carelessness in Cedar Rapids, you might be able to recover financial compensation. As per Iowa’s statute of limitations, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. Besides the deadline, you have to adhere to the standard process, which is unique for each type of claim. You should look for legal expertise, and your best bet is to click here for a free consultation session. We have enlisted a few mistakes that you must avoid when dealing with an injury claim in Cedar Rapids.

  1. Not paying the medical bills: No matter what injuries you have endured, you are responsible for the medical bills unless the court orders the other party to do so. If you don’t pay for the expenses, typically by submitting the bills to your insurer, you may have difficulty taking things forward. The insurance can be repaid when you recover a settlement.
  2. Posting things on social media: If you post anything related to your injury claim, the information could be used against you. Remember that the other party’s insurer will look for ways to undermine your settlement. Anything you share on social media handles is risky, even when your privacy settings are perfect.
  3. Not keeping up with medical treatment: Your doctor may have recommended a line of treatment, which may include physical therapy and other medical procedures. Ensure you follow the instructions to prove that you did everything possible to get better and treat your injuries.
  4. Not hiring an injury lawyer. As someone injured in an accident, you have many hassles to handle. While hiring an injury lawyer is not compulsory, it is probably the most effective step for protecting your interests. A qualified attorney knows the laws and the strategies to help maximize your settlement.
  5. Failing to keep the records: Your injury lawyer will need as much information as possible. From the medical bills and treatment notes to everything else related to the accident, you should preserve everything in a file. Share all details with your attorney, including info pertaining to your fault.

With a good lawyer, you could recover a fair amount in compensation. Just take action immediately after the mishap, and don’t forget to adhere to the two-year deadline. If you don’t settle the case within that time, you may not get anything at all. Trust your lawyer to guide you through the entire journey.

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