Different ways how technology enhance student participation in the classroom

Different ways how technology enhance student participation in the classroom

For effective teaching and learning, student participation in the classroom is very important. When students participate in the classes, their understanding, relatability, communication, and other learning skills are enhanced. Also, having effective student participation in the classes contributes to teaching success. 

With some active participants in a class, many students are reluctant to participate and interact. The conventional teaching methods, lack of interest, concentration issues, monotonous activities are a few reasons behind this problem. But this problem can be resolved by introducing technology in the classroom. Today’s kids are highly attracted to technology and enjoy it a lot. Let us discuss how technology helps in increasing classroom participation. 

4 ways how technology helps in enhancing student participation in the classroom

  1. Individualized learning experience

When teaching pace and learning pace vary, it affects student participation in the classroom. When the teacher teaches at a faster speed as compared to the grasping speed of the students, their understanding is affected. Once the listening content is lost, it cannot be gained again.  Also, they are not able to make class notes. This affects students’ classroom learning, self-studies, and participation.

 But with access to technical tools for learning, students can learn at their own pace. The tools that teachers use in the teaching can be sent to students to have effective individualized learning. This will help students to learn at their preferred speed and access the resources as many times as they want to. With this understanding, self-studies and class participation are enhanced. 

  1. Interesting activities

One of the main reasons behind students participating less in the classroom is difficulty in answering the questions asked. In most cases, participation is limited to asking students questions. Yes, it is an effective practice but every time having the same activity becomes monotonous and less interesting for the students.

 Also when they don’t know the accurate answers, they fear participating. But with the help of technology, teachers can have better and more interesting activities in the classroom. This helps teachers how to teach online as well as in traditional classrooms effectively. Some of the examples that are unique and more interactive for students are  

  • Online quizzes 
  • Riddles and puzzles 
  • Multiple choice question worksheets 
  • Making a technical presentation 
  • Audio and video-based project activities. 
  1. Better understanding 

The more students understand, the better is the rate of participation in the classroom. Only using textbooks and guides in the classroom to make students understand well and participate more is not sufficient. Listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is not very engaging for students. Because of this, they lose concentration in the classes.

 This affects both understandings as well as participation. But with the help of modern teaching tools, students’ understanding is enhanced. With visualization, students tend to grab the concepts better and quicker. With improved understanding, students relate to the concepts more, stay attentive and start becoming an active part of classroom discussions. Using an online education app, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like 

  • Educational videos 
  • Modules and documentaries 
  • PowerPoint presentations 
  • Picture cards and visual demonstrations 
  • Visual notes, study materials, animations, etc. 
  1. Boost concentration

Concentration is directly proportional to the rate of classroom participation. The more students concentrate, the better they understand and participate. The monotonous and conventional teaching patterns can make students feel bored and less attentive in the classroom. But the audio and attractive visualization grab students’ interest. This makes students focus and concentrate in the classes better. With this, their interactions and participation are also improved. 

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Benefits of participatory classes 

  1. With effective participation in the classroom, the communication skills, and active listening skills of the students are enhanced. This also contributes to their personality and professional development respectively. 
  2. When students participate in the classes well, teachers find their teaching strategies working. This boosts teachers’ self-confidence, makes them feel valued, and enhances interpersonal relations with the students. 
  3. With participation in the classroom, students get regular feedback from the teachers on how well they answered and performed. The suggestions and additions were received to enhance the knowledge and learning skills of students. 
  4. Collaboration, cooperation, mutual respect, discipline, and many other learning skills are also enhanced with the help of participation. This ensures the academic success of the students. 


The teacher-centered approach, that is teachers explaining and students simply sitting as mere listeners are not suitable for the academic growth and development of students. For success in teaching as well as learning, making students participate in the classroom is very important. With the help of technology, work efficiency and completing complex tasks have become better and easier. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out how technology can help teachers to enhance students’ participation in the classroom and ensure their success. 

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