Different Types Of Sarees You Can Wear For A Fashionable Look

Different Types Of Sarees You Can Wear For A Fashionable Look

An iconic Indian garment, the saree, is known for its evergreen beauty and adaptability to different styles for various occasions. It has been cherished for centuries now and is never going to go out of fashion. If there is one piece of clothing that represents history, culture, and grace, it’s a saree. No matter where you are wearing it, be it a wedding, a festive celebration, or a formal event, you can never go wrong with a saree. Looking at the diversity of India, there are so many different types of sarees, from silk and georgette to net and organza. We are here with 10 different types of sarees you can add to your wardrobe that are sure to elevate your saree game.

1) Classic Silk Saree

The shine and grace that silk sarees come with is unmatched. There are numerous regional variations in silk sarees such as Kanjeevaram, Banarasi and Mysore silk, with each of them having a distinctive charm. You can pair a rich silk saree with a contrasting blouse or an embellished blouse to add some glam. Nothing will elevate this look more than authentic traditional jewelry like temple earrings, bangles and a long necklace in gold. This look is perfect for weddings or grand festivities.

2)Graceful Georgette Saree

Known for their lightweight and flowy texture, these sarees speak comfort. They have a classic as well as a modern appeal to them. Choose pastel shades with intricate embroidery or prints like florals on a georgette saree. Enhance the elegance with a designer blouse having statement-making details either on the back or on the sleeves. When accessorized properly, these can be worn to evening parties and small events.

3) Versatile Chiffon Saree

The saree that is the easiest to drape is a chiffon saree. Owing to its lightweight, extremely flowy fabric and sheer elegance. They exude a delicate charm. Go for solid colors or prints that are subtle to look at, for a daytime look. You can also look into color blocking and tie and dye techniques. Hop on the trend of off-shoulder tops but make it ethnic. Adorn the saree with minimal and dainty jewelry to keep the delicate charm going. These sarees are suitable for intimate festivities, formal events and casual gatherings.

4) Regal Velvet Saree

If you’re looking to make a bold statement and also look stunning at the same time, velvet sarees are the perfect choice. With a luxurious texture and an unmatched royal aura, these sarees speak regality. Go for deep, jewel tones like emerald green, deep purple and wine red. Along with detailed embroidery and embellishments, these sarees will shine bright. To complete the glamorous look, complement the saree with a choker necklace and cocktail rings. Velvet sarees are ideal for winter weddings and extravagant parties.

5) Contemporary Half-and-Half Saree

When two types of fabrics – whether in different colors or patterns – are combined to flow into one drape, it’s called a half-and-half saree. This saree is a modern take on traditional attire. Pick contrasting colors and fabrics to stand out and make sure your blouse has a high-neck or halter neck to something new. This look is suitable for sangeet nights and parties.

 6) Playful Printed Saree

Offering a youthful and playful vibe, printed sarees come in a variety of prints – floral, geometric, and abstract. Choose bold and vibrant prints to achieve a fashionable look and pair with a crop top or a ruffle blouse to add a touch of drama. Accessorize with statement earrings and a clutch bag to finish the ensemble. Printed sarees are great for casual or daytime events. When accessorized heavily they can also make up for wedding functions.

 7) Comfortable Cotton Saree

Cotton sarees are the epitome of comfort and timelessness. They are the best choice for summer since they don’t rub against your skin or cause rashes and keep you cool. Handloom cotton sarees are on a whole new level, they are intricately woven by skilled artisans and symbolize great craftsmanship and culture. You can style handloom pieces with contemporary blouses and wear them to casual events or work. For accessories, go with jute or fabric jewelry for a chic look. You can pick light pastel shades and add pearl earrings for a summer brunch-appropriate look.

 8) Ethereal Net Saree

These sarees are often found with detailed sequin work and embellishments with embroidery. Choose pastel shades or neutral net sarees with understated embellishments to wear to daytime occasions. For evening events, opt for heavily embellished sarees and style them with a sleek blouse and some crystal jewelry to live up to the glam. Net sarees are all about delicacy and sensuality and are perfect for cocktail parties and red-carpet events.

9) Simple Linen Saree

Linen sarees are relaxed, comfortable and exude a boho vibe. Featuring good breathability and lightweight, these sarees are ideal for casual and intimate festive occasions. To style a linen saree fashionably, opt for earthy tones and pair it with a statement-making contrasting embroidered blouse. Add boho accessories like tassel earrings, cowrie shell bangles and beaded necklaces to complete the look. Beach weddings and daytime events are where this saree will look the best.

10) Elegant Organza Saree

Organza sarees are slightly sheer and have a beautiful shine that makes them stand out. They are often adorned with delicate embroidery or intricate threadwork, either on the borders or the pallu. Go for either soft pastels or vibrant colors, depending on the occasion. Experiment with the back, sleeves or neckline of the blouse to add to the look. For accessories, go with elegant pearls or contemporary designs. This look is suitable for formal dinners and daytime celebrations like a wedding function.

With a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and styles to choose from, you can create a fashionable look for any occasion. Remember to complement your chosen saree with the right accessories and a well-fitted blouse to truly make a statement. Make sarees your ultimate fashionable choice for every celebration in life.

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