Deposit money to Hi88 through 3 methods – First step to win big

Deposit Hi88 This is a process that has been optimized by the house with a few easy steps.Your journey to making money is always easier than ever at Hi88. Here, there are many interesting games with great winning rates. So, don’t wait and create capital now with the instructions from the article below.

Reasons to deposit Hi88

As mentioned, the Hi 88 platform is considered a diverse playground with many attractive games such as: Sports betting, lotteries, online card games of all kinds, etc. ensuring the best experience.

Besides, Hi88 also regularly has great deals and promotions. The purpose is to help players increase their chances of winning more money, bringing a higher chance of changing their lives

More specifically, Hi88 is a leading platform with a long-term reputation and dedicated support. The house also offers many different deposit methods with absolute convenience and safety. So players can completely feel secure in participating in entertainment here with just one step to start Hi88 deposit.

Instructions on simple ways to recharge Hi88

In order to create the best conditions for players to win big and win quickly, Hi88 has built a system Hi88 deposit Diverse with many simple forms, helping players have a comfortable start, including:

Top up Hi88 via QR code

Depositing money via QR code is currently extremely popular because the error rate in this same transaction is almost zero. You can use popular Vietnamese online banking applications to make transactions with these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in via the Hi88 app or website and select the deposit section on the home page.
  • Step 2: In the payment section “Scan bank code” and fill in the amount in the blank box on the form. Select “Pay now” and the dealer will display banks for you to choose from.
  • Step 3: After the user clicks on the appropriate bank, Hi88 will display a QR code. Users need to log in to the selected banking application and scan the code and fill in the transfer content with 100% accuracy.

This process has been completed and you will receive a score increase notification from Hi88 if the information is 100% accurate. Customers should pay attention not to save this QR code to pay next time. In case you cannot scan the code, you can copy the payment account information right next to it to continue the transaction.

Top up Hi88 via online payment function

This form of transaction is only successful if you use the correct bank account. In addition, players also need to own this bank’s internet banking application to make payments.

  • Step 1: Log in to Hi88 via the app or the home page on the websiteSelect deposit option.
  • Step 2: Click on “Online payment” and select the amount proposed by the system. Confirm payment so that Hi88 can redirect to the new interface that banks can use. Click to be redirected to the payment information page.
  • Step 3: At this time, a QR Code of Hi88’s bank will appear for players to scan. Besides, there is account information so you can choose to deposit manually.
  • Step 4: The player logs into the selected banking application to scan the QR code or enter the information below to proceed with the transfer as usual.

Complete this process and wait about 2 to 5 minutes and you will receive your bet capital from the community system. Be sure to save the information and images proving the transaction to check with Hi88 in case a problem occurs.

Deposit money to Hi88 via e-wallets

This is considered the way Hi88 deposit Fast and popular today. The steps will be similar to how to deposit via a banking application and the player chooses the type of e-wallet he is using such as VTpay, MoMo or Zalo Pay.

  • Step 1: Select the deposit function after accessing your secure Hi88 account and clicking on 1 of 3 e-wallets.
  • Step 2: Fill in the amount you want to trade between 20,000 and 50 million VND. Scroll down and confirm the “Pay now” section to get payment information.
  • Step 3: Go to the electronic app on your phone and make payment by scanning the code or transferring money manually. Be sure to provide correct information about transaction content so that the system can process orders faster.

Things to keep in mind when depositing money to Hi88

Deposit Hi88 has never been simpler than with the instructions above, but to ensure everything goes 100% perfect, players need to pay attention to the following to get money back quickly:

Check for correct information

There are many cases where players enter incorrect bank or account information. This leads to money going to the wrong account of another player or failure. Therefore, members need to check the information carefully 1-2 times before confirming the money transfer.
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Transaction limit

Hi88 There are regulations on minimum and maximum amounts in the deposit section as well as regulations when registering. This parameter is clearly displayed right on the payment form. Players need to remember this content to avoid problems Hi88 deposit Transaction declined.

Pay attention to maintenance

During operation, Hi88 will have many short/long-term maintenance periods to bring the best experience to players. At these times, the system will temporarily suspend transactions, so depositing money carries great risks. Therefore, players need to pay attention to the house’s announcement about the time of maintenance work.

Use a unified bank account

To withdraw money quickly and smoothly, players should use a single official bank account to easily verify information. It is best to use accounts at banks that are linked in Hi88’s transaction system.

Do not save Hi88’s payment account

We will change the receiving account information regularly for all forms Hi88 deposit. In case the user saves old information resulting in an invalid transaction, the house will refuse to resolve the transaction. Therefore, please directly update payment information right on the house’s homepage whenever you need to create betting capital.

Absolute trust in the Hi88 platform

Hi88 is a leading betting platform with a long-standing reputation and an official operating license in the Philippine market, so you can safely deposit money to play attractive games.

In addition, transaction information will also be kept safe and secure using modern web/application technology from Hi88’s technical department. If there is a difficult situation to resolve, there is always a 24/7 customer support team so players can feel secure when participating in this playground.

Above is all the information about Hi88 deposit that players need to pay attention to. If you follow this article correctly, you are guaranteed to have great experiences right from the moment you enter the Hi88 playground.

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