De Corematrix® Zirconia Tooth Implants: A Perfect Blend of Strength, Transparency, and Aesthetics

De Corematrix is proud to present its best-selling zirconia tooth implant, the De Corematrix® HT blocks. These high-quality ceramics blocks are renowned for their exceptional strength, transparency, and anti-aging performance. With De Corematrix’s cutting-edge technology, De Corematrix offers a range of dental restorations that include innovative zirconia tooth implants.

Achieve Unparalleled Translucency with De Corematrix® ST

De Corematrix® ST is a specially designed high-translucent zirconia dental material. It has been formulated specifically for fabricating dental restorations, including the highly sought-after zirconia tooth implants. By utilizing De Corematrix® ST, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics. The material closely mimics the natural translucency of teeth, resulting in flawlessly blended dental restorations that seamlessly match the patient’s smile.

Optimal Aesthetics without Compromising Durability

With De Corematrix® ST, achieving natural-looking results is effortless. Its remarkable translucency makes it the perfect choice for zirconia tooth implants. Unlike other materials, De Corematrix® ST doesn’t compromise on strength or durability. De Corematrix has carefully formulated this material to ensure its long-term stability, while also preserving its aesthetics, making it a reliable option for dental implant restorations.


De Corematrix® ST stands out as an exceptional choice for dental restorations, particularly zirconia tooth implants. Its high translucency, combined with its ability to resist degradation over time, guarantees long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results. Furthermore, De Corematrix’s material offers customization options, allowing for precise color matching to integrate with the patient’s existing dentition seamlessly. Experience the unmatched quality and reliability of De Corematrix® ST zirconia tooth implants – a biocompatible solution that ensures patient safety. Choose De Corematrix for your dental restoration needs, and unlock a perfect blend of strength, transparency, and beautiful aesthetics.

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