Curacao license

Curacao license

Curacao is an island part of the Netherlands, where for the first time in 1996 they began to issue a gaming license, which was a real curiosity for that time. And since that time, the Curacao license has remained the best in the gaming field. This document allows the owner to create gambling, casino, sports betting, and much more.

You can apply for a Curacao license at Legarithm. Here, specialists will help you to draw up all the documents so that you can start your gambling business legally and in the shortest possible time.

About Curacao license

This type of license has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • you only need to get one document for different gaming products. So, for example, you do not need to obtain documents for each type of game;
  • There are no specific terms for issuing a license. But at the same time, it often exceeds six weeks;
  • taxes here are the most pleasant and profitable. So, you do not need to pay income tax, and you only need to pay 2% tax on net income;
  • obtaining a Curacao license is also beneficial because its cost is more than affordable. So, the price will vary from 4500 to 12500 euros. If compared with a license in Malta, where the cost will exceed 25,000 euros, then you can save a lot.

It will not be difficult to obtain a Curacao gambling license, as the whole procedure is simplified. In addition, you can even make payments in cryptocurrency.

This type of gambling license can be different:

  • sublicense. This license is still ordinary and is issued to everyone who wants to open such a business. However, there is no right to sublicense;
  • general. Having received such a document, you will be able not only to run your own online business in the field of games, but also to issue documents to others. Since the beginning of the organization of licensing, only four companies have received such a license, which have become monopolists in this market.

That is why the easiest way is to obtain a license directly from one of the monopoly companies to start your online gaming business.

First you need to collect certain documents. Their list includes documents proving your identity, a certificate of good conduct, as well as documents for your website or application. However, they must submit in English. You will also have to pay a certain fee. You will need to open a bank account and set up a company in Curacao. There will be an opportunity to create a company in another EU country.

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