CSGO 10th Birthday Update Content

CSGO updated a 922.12MB patch on August 17, 2022, to celebrate CSGO’s 10th anniversary , released 10th birthday coin and 10th birthday sticker capsule, and added Anubis , Tangent Company, Tortoise Three maps of Skarner and two new wingman maps, so what’s the main content of CSGO ‘s 10th birthday update ? Visit gametopn.com for more updates.

10th birthday event

To celebrate CS:GO’s 10th birthday, VALVE has launched a 10th birthday coin . Players can get a 10th birthday coin by earning enough experience for the first time this week . You can hang this very valuable 10th anniversary coin . on your profile card .

10th Anniversary Birthday Print Capsule contains 65 print capsules designed by community players . As long as players participate in the 10th anniversary event, they can get the reward of the 10th Anniversary Print Capsule. Paste these distinctive prints on weapons or character skins .

New features and maps

Weapon chests and capsules have added a left-right switching function when “inspecting items” .

Added three maps of Anubis, Tangent Company and Tuscany to Competitive Mode, Casual Mode and Deathmatch Mode ,

And the Primetime and Blagai maps are added to the partner mode.

Four maps , Climbing Gym, Iris Town, Crete, and Hive Institute, have been removed from official matchmaking .

10th Birthday Coin Acquisition

Many players want to get a limited-time CSGO 10th anniversary coin . From August 17th to August 22nd, players with a priority account can get this 10th birthday commemorative coin when they drop by level 1 in the first week . Not only do chickens wearing party hats appear on 10th birthday coins , chickens that appear in the game will also wear party hats to celebrate CSGO ‘s birthday .

CSGO must be memorable. Obtaining this cupcake birthday coin can remind everyone of the game time in CSGO . It must be very meaningful. When the time goes back to 2012, it may be difficult to imagine that it has just been launched. In the past ten years, the CSGO released will bring us so many beautiful memories and touches .

10th anniversary update of CSGO also made its peak online number reach 1,039,889 on August 17. This is the second time in 2022 that it has exceeded the one million mark, and it is also the highest peak online number in 2022. This undoubtedly does not mean CSGO . Still loved by everyone. On August 21, 2022, CSGO will officially celebrate its tenth anniversary. At that time, you can visit gametopn.com to check the latest news of CSGO’s tenth anniversary and celebrate CSGO’s birthday together!

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