Clever ways to deal with bunions

Clever ways to deal with bunions

Are you currently struggling with bunions, or are you worried you might get them in the future? If so, we have the best tips and tricks for you on how to prevent and deal with bunions. Find out more in this article!


What are bunions?

Before we can start to give you the best tips and tricks on how to deal with your bunions, we need to determine what bunions even are:

A bunion is a big bump that forms on your big toe. It feels like a bone and can be painful, especially if it turns red and inflamed. The best remedy for bunions is prevention, but unfortunately, some people will have a more challenging time dealing with their bunions than others. But why is that the case? Mostly because bunions can run in the family and are therefore harder to prevent.

If you want to prevent and deal with your bunions, look at the following tips and tricks.

The best tips and tricks on how to deal with and prevent bunions:

If you already have bunions or want to prevent them, look at the following information and tricks. They will help you to deal with this issue.

1. Wear shoes that fit well and have a wide toe box

Especially, if you are on your feet a lot, or you practice sports like long-distance running, you should have a good focus on your shoes. You must choose one that fits well and leaves room for your feet. The best way to determine if a shoe fits well or not is to try them on in the evening. During the day, your feet change form and are usually wider at the end of the day.

You can also look specifically for the best running shoes for bunions to be sure that you have a pair that won’t worsen this issue.

2. Place padding on the bunion to reduce pain

Are you experiencing pain with your bunion, and now you feel like you can’t correctly walk with your shoes anymore? Rather than switching to sandals, offering your bunion enough padding is essential. The more complex or tighter your shoe is, the more painful it can be.

3. Ice the area to reduce inflammation

Is your bunion red and inflamed? This is the worst-case scenario. Now the main priority is to take care of the inflammation. Use ice in a paper towel or a piece of fabric and cool this area. It will instantly help with the pain and should feel good. Be sure not to put the ice directly onto the skin, though.

4. Take ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling

Another way to deal with inflammation and pain is to take anti-inflammatory medication or ibuprofen. This will help with your pain and keeps the swelling down. Follow your doctor’s advice on how to take those medications.

5. Try over-the-counter arch supports or custom orthotics

Every foot is different; it is important to find shoes that fit well. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It could cause a lot of harm, especially if you are active. Try over-the-counter arch supports or custom orthotics to see which ones work for you and help with the issue.

6. See a podiatrist for more advanced treatment options

You’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to work. If this is the case, we highly recommend you visit a podiatrist. This expert can help you with individual treatments that hopefully provide relief.

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