Both Efficiency and Precision Matters: ForwardX AMR

ForwardX Robotics has joined forces with the world’s largest cosmetics company to usher in a new era of intelligent warehouses for people and goods. At a time when consumer expectations for fast and accurate delivery are rising, technology is undoubtedly one of the most effective means of meeting their needs. And some of the limiting pain points of traditional logistics and picking technologies must be better suited to meet consumers’ quest for efficiency. ForwardX to elaborate on some details.

Pain Points of Traditional Warehouse: Low Picking Efficiency

The previous workflow of the warehouse was traditional manual picking and sorting. Employees were required to haul carts weighing 1,100-1,322 pounds throughout the warehouse to fulfill orders. This design was labor-intensive and physically demanding for the employees. Naturally, the movement was slow, which included many “repeated walks,” resulting in inefficient picking that could not support the volume of orders and shipments this warehouse needed to accommodate.

To address these business pain points, ForwardX Robotics, Asia’s number one yard solutions provider, developed an advanced automated goods picking system based on a new high-performance AMR.

Efficiency: the Central Consideration of the Warehouse Industry

The picking process is the foundation of warehousing and logistics, and the operational efficiency of this process directly impacts operating costs and the overall workflow of the entire logistics center.

By introducing ForwardX’s AMR and f(x) Fleet Manager to optimize the cluster dispatch system, the cosmetics giant has transformed a traditional manual approach into a flexible automated solution through AMR collaboration.


AMRs are also incredibly flexible and scalable to handle order surges from shopping holidays or product promotions. Such a flexible solution is sure to pay more dividends for efficiency. Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more details.

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