Boost Efficiency and Quality with Pharmapack’s Induction Sealer LFS-20

When it comes to packaging products, ensuring a secure and tamper-proof seal is crucial. That’s where the Induction Sealer LFS-20 from Pharmapack comes in. Designed for continuous and efficient sealing, this induction cap sealer is the perfect solution for various industries. With its maximum production speed and compatibility with a wide range of materials, the LFS-20 is a reliable choice for sealing containers and enhancing product integrity.

Efficiency at Maximum Production Speed

The Induction Sealer LFS-20 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, even in high-volume production environments. With a maximum production speed of 200 bottles per unit (depending on the size of the product being inspected), you can significantly increase your production output without compromising on seal quality. This means faster processing times and improved efficiency, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and satisfy customer demands.

Versatile Compatibility with Multiple Materials

The LFS-20 is designed to seal a variety of container materials, making it a versatile solution for different industries. Whether you’re working with polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyester (PET), ABS, glass, or ceramic containers, this induction sealer has got you covered. It ensures a reliable seal on a wide range of materials, providing you with flexibility and convenience in your packaging operations.


When it comes to efficient and reliable induction sealing, look no further than the Induction Sealer LFS-20 from Pharmapack. With its maximum production speed and versatile compatibility with various container materials, it is a valuable asset for businesses in multiple industries. Trust Pharmapack’s expertise in packaging solutions and take your sealing process to the next level. Upgrade to the Induction Sealer LFS-20 and experience the benefits it brings to your business.

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