Best Live Casinos India Has to Offer in 2023

Best Live Casinos India Has to Offer in 2023

In the past two decades, the number of people who got rich thanks to casino games, has grown rapidly. In recent years, with the development of mobile phones, live gambling has become a daily routine of many people, which led to the spread of live casinos. It doesn’t matter where you are, the only important thing is that you have a good and stable internet connection and funds at the casino you have chosen. The possibility of online payment has further enhanced the use of live casinos.

How does a live casino work?

A live casino can offer you almost everything that a regular casino can offer. The online casino offers you a wide range of most popular games. Live casino works like a regular casino. There is a croupier, who runs the game, like a croupier in land – based casinos. If it is a card game, the principle is simple – each card in the deck has a small chip. Scanner of the shoe registers the card when the croupier takes a new card, and the software recognizes which card it is, and the player can see it on his computer or mobile display. Every bet and win is automatically calculated, and thus the account balance is updated. The duration of live casino rounds is much shorter compared to land – based casinos. When it comes to roulette, the principle is even simpler – there is a sensor on the roulette wheel, which registers the movement of the ball, and when the ball lands on a certain pocket, it reads the winning number, which the user can see on his screen.

Live casino in India

Live casinos in India are different from live casinos in some other countries, like the USA, UK, France… If you are in India, you cannot access online casinos of other countries. Therefore, there is a special set of casinos in India, which fully obey laws of the country.

How safe is online gambling?

One of the key questions is whether online gambling is legal. The answer is yes! Online gambling in India is legal, as there is no national law that fully regulates gambling. However, there are federal states that have fully legalized live casinos, but there are also several states that have completely banned it – gambling in those states is illegal. That’s why it would be best, before you decide to play live casino, you first check if it’s legal in your country. Some of the federal states that have banned gambling: Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Telangana…

Best live casinos in India?

When you decide to play a live casino for the first time, your main question is, which casino to choose. There are many casinos in India, the choice is really big and every week several new casinos appear. To help you choose, below we will list some of the best Indian live casinos, which are verified and safe.

– Pure Win

Pure Win is first on our list. Pure Win is one of the top rated live casinos in India. This platform was launched in 2019, but quickly gained a reputation in India. When you first access this casino, good welcome bonuses and a huge selection of games await you. The minimum deposit at Pure Win is low and they accept rupees and crypto.

– Bons

Our next recommendation is Bons casino. Bons casino was created in 2020 and it is a high tech casino that is fully legal in all states of India. Bons casino offers huge welcome bonuses, supports most payment methods in India and the platform is translated into several dialects of Hindi language.

– Lucky block

Lucky block was created as a crypto lottery platform. It was founded in 2022, and quickly gained an excellent reputation and is now one of the best platforms for live gambling. On this platform, in addition to hundreds of slot games, you can also play classic card games, roulette and many live dealer games. Lucky block gives 15% cash back in the first week of gambling, and a large number of options for payment in crypto.

– ShangriLa

ShangriLa is another highly rated live casino, offering excellent welcome bonuses. It is one of the easiest platforms to use and also accepts most payment methods in India. You can play a lot of new and also old classic games, which most users prefer.

– Fun88

Fun88 is an older platform, founded in 2009. This platform, in addition to online gambling, also allows playing games such as roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and many others. When you pay your first deposit, you expect a bonus of 300%. The mobile application of this platform is available for Android and IOS.

The development of technology has an extraordinary impact on everything, including online gambling. Improvements are happening almost daily. A large number of live gambling platforms have introduced the option of chatting with other players. One of the most interesting things that have further enhanced the live gambling experience is VR gambling option. With VR glasses, you can walk into a casino and feel like in a real casino, where you will sit at a table and in front of you, you will see the croupier and other players, just as if you were in a real casino. This is a really unreal possibility, but for sure, there will be a lot of new improvements, which will further improve the gambling experience.

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