Bathroom Weighing Scale Made by Welland

Scales that measure body fat have made the transition from being found only in medical facilities to being sold for use in private homes. The advancement of health assessment technologies is responsible for such a significant shift in perspective. Bathroom weighing scale made by Welland, a health measuring company on the cutting edge of technological advancement, are known for their accuracy and reliability.

This kind of weighing scale for the bathroom is not only resistant to water and wear, but it also combines the functions of a weight scale and a body fat scale, making it extremely convenient and well suited for usage in the house. How exactly does it measure a person’s percentage of body fat?

An explanation of how body composition tests work (BIA bioelectrical impedance lipometer principle)

A new way to measure is called the bioelectrical impedance analysis method. It is mostly used in nutritional medicine and sports medicine to measure body water, substances that don’t contain fat, and heat loss. This method is used to make Welland’s products.

The idea behind bioresistance-based body composition measurement is that the human body is made up of different parts that move through the body at different speeds when an electric current is stimulated in the body.

The main part of the human body is made up of ions in the body’s water. On the other hand, the human body also has some parts that don’t conduct electricity, like fat, which acts as resistance to the flow of electricity through the body. Muscle and bone are better conductors of electricity than fat tissue. So, the idea behind bioresistance is based on the fact that different parts of the human body conduct electric currents in different ways. So, there is a direct link between the number of ions in different parts of the body and the conductivity, and there is an indirect link between the number of ions in different parts of the body and the impedance of the human solution.

So, the bioelectrical impedance analysis method is to calculate and analyze the electrical impedance of the human body’s parts by sending a small alternating current source through the excitation electrode into the body and then measuring the potential difference signal made by the alternating current source as it flows through the body’s tissues.

Visit the official site of Welland to find detailed information about their bathroom weighing scale.

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