Among Us and Encanto coloring pages

Among Us and Encanto coloring pages: explore children’s colorful cartoon world with coloring activities.

We find that most children’s toys will often exploit lovely, cute cartoon characters; these are the first things that will attract the curiosity and interest of young children. Like when I saw the cute little cakes being shaped by Among us in the cafe, I was drawn in by the fun. I also firmly believe that in addition to funny and lovely cartoon characters, characters with distinct personalities like Encanto in the Encanto cartoon will also be very attractive to children. Explore our coloring page with Encanto to see how the game characters and Disney cartoon characters have captivated children.

Among us coloring pages: the game characters seem dangerous but very lovable.

To say the popularity of Among us, this is a game that is not for all ages. The game is primarily for children from relatively old age when children are fully aware of how safe or unsafe the game is. Therefore, when children approach new games, parents need to learn about the game’s level of safety and reality. It can say that it is a bit serious, but in terms of aspects such as the characters, the images of the game are all cute games for children. Among us was launched in the market in 2018, but it will not be until 2020 that the game will become more popular and famous. The reason why it suddenly became popular is thanks to the gaming videos posted on YouTube and Tiktok. It can say that Among Us is the modern version of the Mafia game, also known as the Werewolf. This game is a miniature society with a group of players trying to find out who is the traitor in the group. The way to play Among Us is also quite simple and easy to understand. You can play online or play via clan thanks to a Wifi connection. Players will join the game in groups of 4-10 people. Players will take on the role of the crew on spaceships, space stations, or space bases located on planets and begin missions. A unique feature of the game is that among the team (crewmates), there will be one or two aliens impersonating (impostor). The impostor will start looking for opportunities to “kill” each person in the crew.

Printable Among Us coloring sheets

It can say that, compared to other games, the outstanding level of Among us is not high, but Among us is still desirable to children because of its cuteness and slightly different game character creation. Among us does not focus on creating outstanding, lovely characters like games that attract children’s attention. But here, the character images in the game are built with a different and unique; this may be the manufacturer’s intention when making such a new character. The dolls are bizarre, but they look adorable. What’s even more remarkable is that when the image of Among us is depicted in our coloring pages, the pictures of the characters in the game are more lovely and funny by drawing different shapes and actions together. We hope that the children will join in coloring together with each stroke and have a good time discovering the game characters. The unique attraction of these characters is that we cannot clearly distinguish each part, such as head, eyes, legs, etc., but these characters are not depicted in a fixed shape. Therefore, it will be beneficial for children to only rely on the black and white drawings in Among us coloring sheets to create their characters. Those will be the first creative lessons that your baby can get used to.

Encanto coloring pages: When heroes don’t need capes.

Encanto is an animated musical film produced by the famous Walt Disney studio released at the end of 2021; the film attracted significant attention from the public and topped the box office charts in the United States. Taking on the “toxic” family theme, Encanto breaks out of the usual cartoon stereotypes. The film contains many profound messages and leaves moments of reflection on family affection. The film opens with a fairy tale about the Madrigal, a family that possesses the magic to protect the village of Encanto. All members are endowed with miracles such as superhuman physical strength, communicating with animals, and predicting the future. However, the film’s main character Mirabel Madrigal has nothing. She was not given magic and was the only average person in the family. Mirabel is seen as the black sheep in the absence of magic and participates in family and village events. Everything was like that until one day when the Madrigal family had an accident, and the family members gradually lost all their magical abilities. Mirabel was the family’s last hope. And just like that, the black sheep girl bravely surpassed herself, triumphed over fate, and brought pride to her family as well as the villagers.

Printable Encanto coloring sheets

Encanto’s colorful story fully presents each character’s scenes, feelings, and emotions clearly in the Encanto coloring sheets. For the character Mirabel in Encanto, Disney has built a new strange character image, not tender and weak, waiting for others to come to the rescue or expect love. But Mirabel always faces adversity to conquer herself bravely. Do you guys love the little girl Mirabel? Come and join us to color Encanto in our coloring set. Also, learn about the cartoon characters from the movie and the dramatic scenes that are all featured in the pictures. With the Encanto coloring sheets, we have hours of fun learning and learning a lesson about courage. It is a very lively and exciting movie; what impresses is the shaggy hair, big eyes, bushy eyebrows, etc., of the characters in the film. Let’s choose beautiful and suitable colors to color the pictures they love.


When we saw many pictures of children, parents and their children joined in coloring our pictures. That is the joy and pride for the products that we make. Coming to Among us and Encanto coloring pages, we believe the world of lovely characters will be opened up in the eyes of young children. Not only that, we will constantly try to exploit more attractive characters and coloring themes for children. Hopefully, the helpful coloring activities will be a tool to help children develop more intellectually and creatively. Let’s refer to many coloring themes here to download for your kids to unleash their passion for coloring here: Coloring pages for kids.

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