A First-Timer’s Guide to Exploring the Wonders of Turkey

Turkey gets millions of visitors every year who come to explore ancient buildings, food, cultural events, and much more. The historical tourist spots are marvels of architecture and perfect spots for stunning photos.

What should you know before visiting Turkey?

Before booking tickets, you need to check up on the visa requirements for your country as laid down by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Arrive here through Pegasus flights and enjoy touring key tourist spots to discover the essence of this country, which is a mix of many different cultures. Here is a look at what you need to know before coming here:

  • What is the best time of the year to visit Turkey? During the summer, tourists do come, but they have to manage the heat as the temperature can go up to 100 °F (38 °F). It is fine as long as you are spreading it by drinking lots of water and using sunscreen and UV umbrellas. The off-season is winter, which lasts from November to March, and it is snowing in many parts. In autumn, you can find temperate weather, and in spring, it is full of flowers everywhere.
  • How do I dress when sightseeing in Turkey? This is a country with a diverse culture, so you can find parts that feel like you are living in Brooklyn and other areas where people cover themselves from head to toe, and there are also places of historic interest where people are quite formal in their attire. So the best thing to do is dress conservatively, as this helps to manage the different facets of the city with ease and ensures you don’t stand out.
  • What is the cost of traveling? It is quite nominal, as you can eat a plate for one dollar (street food) to five dollars (restaurant). Using any means of public transport costs about 15 cents, while a day tour with a guide begins at 30 dollars. The best thing to do is get the Istanbul welcome card, which is issued for $75 and offers access to various historical places, as well as ten tickets on public transport that can be used to access many tourist spots. Take the Bla Bla Car, which is a dollar an hour for sightseeing, dropping off at key spots, etc.
  • How do I understand the food that is cooked in this country? What is the best way to enjoy it? Look into guided food tours, which take you around many restaurants and places to eat in Istanbul. You will come across so many dishes and delicacies, as well as the history behind them. If you are someone who likes cooking, then getting into a cooking course will teach you how to prepare dishes by yourself. This is a wonderful experience that you can take back with you, which will enrich your life forever.
  • Is English widely spoken in the country? No. How will a tourist get around without knowing how to communicate in an understandable way? How about learning some Turkish words? It is very helpful in helping you get across restaurants or in case you become sick and need some assistance. If you are good with French or German, that will help too, as there are many who speak both languages in this country.
  • You are bound to bring along some electronic appliances, which you might have to use from time to time. Maybe a kettle, a portable iron, or perhaps an electric razor—or even a small mixer that helps make smoothies. Get your own adapter so that you don’t spend time shopping for one in the country’s small shops. The socket in this country is the typical European outlet.
  • When you want to spend time in small restaurants, eateries, and local spaces, cash is needed. Of course, bigger outlets accept international debit and credit cards. No, it is not really comfortable to be carrying dollars and asking if you can pay for them. So convert the dollar to Turkish lira, which is 18 lira for one US dollar. Bring along money accordingly for such a conversion.

Pegasus flights bring you in comfort to Istanbul, where you can enjoy touring historical places, culinary journeys, and other places of modernity that are stunning. You will find Turkey to be a place where tradition meets modernity, so there are a huge variety of different things to see, explore, and understand.

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