7 Factors to Consider When Buying Hurricane Windows

7 Factors to Consider When Buying Hurricane Windows

Buying hurricane windows is a smart investment for homes in Florida and other storm-prone areas. Rather than boarding up your house before every storm, you can protect your home with durable and long-lasting hurricane windows.

Hurricane-grade windows have a label in one corner indicating their specifications and ratings. These tests are based on air, water, pressure, and structural integrity.

Impact Resistant Glass

The main benefit of impact-resistant windows is protection from wind-borne debris that can damage a home or business. Hurricane-force winds and severe thunderstorms propel this debris, causing serious property and injury if it pierces a home’s windows.

Glass reinforced with impact-resistant technology can withstand small missile impacts and cyclic wind pressure, making it more resilient than standard glass. Look for certifications from laboratories that simulate storm conditions and test impact resistance.

Laminated impact-resistant glass provides a powerful barrier to intruders and reduces outside noise. It also reduces harmful UV rays that can fade window treatments, furniture and carpets.

Strength and Durability

The frame and glass of a hurricane proof window are both incredibly strong. This is good for anyone in Florida who needs to mitigate storm damage and keep their family safe.

The frames are welded and riveted, making them far more durable than regular windows. The glass is also laminated and features an inner membrane that keeps shattering from affecting your home.

This is important because a hurricane’s first breach of a building envelope can cause collapse and loss of life. This is often due to a sudden change in air pressure from the interior to the exterior of a home or building.


When you purchase hurricane windows, the manufacturer typically backs them with a warranty. This is because the windows are designed to withstand high winds, so they must stand up to the test of time.

The manufacturer’s warranty usually states when the windows were made and what standards they meet. This information can be found on an etched or frosted mark in the corner of each sheet of glass.

In addition to the window warranty, you should check for add-on features like weatherstripping and window film. These will increase the price of the windows, but they may help prevent damage and reduce insurance rates.

Glass Reflection

Hurricane-proof windows protect against high winds, flying debris and other storm hazards. They feature heavy-duty frames, silicone glazing and poly material.

They also have a reflective coating that helps reduce glare and heat in commercial structures, thus reducing air conditioning costs. The glass also provides privacy as it blocks the outside view from entering the interior.

Unlike traditional single-pane windows, hurricane-resistant window glass is laminated and reinforced with polymer. This type of glass is similar to the windshield in your car, which prevents it from breaking into sharp shards during a storm.

Insurance Discounts

Hurricane windows are superior building glass that will protect homes and businesses in storms of any magnitude. The cost is more than standard windows but well worth it for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area.

These windows are available in many different frame materials, including aluminum, wood and vinyl. Each has its qualities, appearance, benefits and maintenance level.

Buying hurricane-impact windows will help reduce damage to your home during a tropical storm or Category 5 hurricane and save you money on your homeowner’s insurance rates. Most insurance companies offer discounts or reduced rates to those who have these windows installed.

Noise Reduction

Hurricane-proof windows are a wise investment for homeowners living in areas vulnerable to strong storms. They’re made of laminated glass and heavy-duty frames that can withstand the force of shattering debris from the outside.

Not only do these windows protect houses from wind, but they also reduce outside noises in the home. This is important if you live in an area with high traffic and loud voices.

Additionally, these windows are recessed into the frame, which makes it more difficult for intruders to break them. This additional layer of protection can be valuable if you live in a burglar-prone neighborhood.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in the best hurricane windows is important if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Not only will they protect your home during a storm, but they can also save you money on energy bills year-round.

The key to these windows is a layer of plastic lamination sandwiched between two sheets of glass. This makes them resistant to shattering and keeps debris from entering your house.

While hurricane windows are more expensive than traditional ones, they’ll last longer and can help prevent costly repairs and replacements during a major storm. Plus, they can qualify homeowners for reduced insurance rates.

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