5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Marijuana

Top-grade cannabis doesn’t come cheap. The tasks involved in sowing, growing, reaping, and refining high-quality flowers demand significant effort, and we’re all too familiar with the discomfort of seeing such a valuable commodity literally go up in flames, particularly when the euphoric sensation appears so transient. To mitigate this, we’re eager to provide dependable, realistic, and expert tips on extending your high and extracting the maximum value from your valuable cannabis expenditure.

Switch Your Cannabis

There’s a vast array of cannabis types available. This includes variations in quality and potency, along with different strains such as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. If your high isn’t meeting your expectations, it might be the right time to switch your choice of cannabis. We recommend trying Phat Panda OG Chem or Green Crack Buddy Boy; both are Sativa strains with a high THC content. You’re always welcome to visit your local weed store in Scarborough to explore and enjoy some fresh or well-liked strains.

Grind Thoroughly

Finely grind your cannabis before using it. This step is key because a fine grind ensures a smoother hit and more consistent burn. A good indicator of a well-ground cannabis is when it achieves a sandy-like texture.

While you could use your hands or paper and scissors to grind, these methods aren’t as efficient. It’s advisable to use a grinder, a tool specifically crafted for finely crushing cannabis. Neglecting this grinding step can result in a loss of potency, slower burning, and certain consumption methods would be unachievable without properly crushed cannabis.

Recognize Your Marijuana Tolerance

Understanding your personal limitations with marijuana is the key to achieving a better high. Experiencing an unpleasant high is something we all face, but there are measures you can implement to minimize this risk.

Adopting a cautious approach with edibles, steering clear of situations that could push you to smoke excessively, and taking the time to understand how your body reacts to varying strains can all contribute to a more enjoyable experience.

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals of cannabis safety, you can begin experimenting with prolonging your high. This might involve topping up with another bowl or preparing for a session by filling your fridge with snacks.

Being aware of your boundaries with marijuana also aids in determining how much to purchase. While the issue of “too much weed” is rarely a problem for most people, it’s still beneficial to know your consumption rate before making a purchase.


Utilizing a bong can significantly enhance your cannabis experience. This is primarily because bongs allow you to take larger hits, and theoretically, the more THC-laden smoke you inhale into your lungs and bloodstream, the faster you’ll feel the effects.

The ability to take such large hits with a bong is due to its water filtration system. When using a bong, the hot marijuana smoke is drawn through water initially. This process removes many harmful toxins in the smoke, while also cooling it down. When the smoke reaches your lungs, it’s much cleaner, cooler, and smoother, facilitating easier inhalation of substantial hits and retention in your lungs.

Search for CBD Strains That Have Comparable Terpene Profiles

If you’ve found a particular strain of cannabis that you particularly like due to its flavor and scent, you’ll likely want to preserve that experience. Mixing in CBD or CBG flowers doesn’t necessarily imply losing out on flavor or aroma.

Search for a strain with a terpene profile similar to what you currently use. You might even come across some hemp strains that share names and terpene profiles with cannabis strains. For instance, the Special Sauce hemp strain delivers many of the berry flavors found in the cannabis strain of the same name.


You’re now equipped to maximize every gram you purchase. Always ensure you have a top-notch grinder for your fresh herb, and this will pave the way for everything from a smoother smoking experience to tasty edibles.

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