5 Things to Make Your YouTube Advertising More Profitable

5 Things to Make Your YouTube Advertising More Profitable

Let’s start with a surprising fact. Did you know that total of 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day? Yes, that’s actually true. YouTube has also become the second-largest search engine after Google and, obviously, the largest video search engine.

With such an audience, it can be a very useful tool for businesses to get their message to their targeted audience. One way to do this is to utilize the potential of YouTube advertising. However, there are some things you first need to know to generate the most out of your YouTube advertising journey.

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1. Identify Your Marketing Objective

The very first thing you will need to do when advertising on YouTube is identify your marketing objective. Your marketing goals will act as your campaign goals when designing your ad campaign.

There can be several marketing goals like generating sales, leads, website traffic, increasing brand awareness, or promoting your app. Identifying the right goals will help you make your advertising campaign more successful.

2. Choose YouTube Ad Format Wisely

You will also need to choose a YouTube video ad format. There are several ad formats available according to your business preferences. Some of these include skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, or out-stream ads.

The type of ad format you will select will depend on your marketing goals. So, it is recommended to clearly identify your marketing goals to get the best possible results. One way to ensure this is to experiment with different ad formats and see what’s working for you.

3. Segment In-Stream and Discovery in Different Campaigns

Just like it is recommended to separate Google search and display ads into different campaigns, the same is the case with YouTube ads. In-stream ads play in between the videos, while discovery ads are shown on the side YouTube panel between the video thumbnails.

Due to their distinct difference and purposes, it is recommended to use them in two different campaigns to generate more precise results. As discovery ads appear in YouTube searches, it is best to use them for brand awareness purposes, as recommended by experts.

4. Use YouTube Ad Targeting Wisely

Just like other platforms including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, YouTube ads should be used according to the target audience of a specific business. This will ensure that your ads are displayed in front of the right audience who can benefit from your brand.

This approach will also save your money from being wasted on displaying the message in front of an irrelevant audience who got to do nothing with your business. The audience targeting option is available on the ad campaigns window, and you can choose the right audience according to your preferences.

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5. Go For Video Remarketing

Remarketing is yet another targeting method to deliver your brand message to the targeted audience. Have you ever noticed that after you buy something from a brand, the next day, their ad appears on your social media or YouTube screen?

This is exactly what remarketing is about. Remarketing is relatively easy to set up on YouTube ads. Also, you can track its effectiveness once you have run the campaign.

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