4 Tips to Choose the Right Used Car for You

4 Tips to Choose the Right Used Car for You

According to the latest statistics, there are 3 million used car sales in Australia every year. With such colossal numbers, you or one of your loved ones is likely looking for the right used car. The reasons to consider a pre-owned vehicle are many, and they transcend financial advantages. For instance, new cars lose their value the moment they roll out of the showroom, and thus, you can save big money by even opting for a used car that is a few months old.

However, most importantly, the decision to go for a used car opens up multiple options to suit a restricted budget. But, it is not all merry and rosy, as choosing the right pre-owned car is a major hurdle. Needless to say, buying a used car does not come with the same peace of mind as a new car. So, you are compelled to swallow a brave pill before splurging money on someone else’s vehicle. But, beyond fear lies victory and having some tips in handy can help!

Top 4 Tips and Tricks to Buy the Best Pre-owned Car

1. Focus on Dependability

Whether you are running errands, going on a long drive with your partner, or dropping your kids to school, a reliable car has no substitute. In plain and simple words, the best used car is the one that you can depend upon. At times, new vehicles can display some unexpected issues, which take a little time to settle down. But, when it comes to a used car, likely, this phase has already passed. Do not forget to evaluate the car, take time to explore the numbers, etc.

2. Understand the Condition of the Car

The second tip is to conduct a thorough and rigorous assessment of the car. This step is even recommended at organized showrooms that already have a certification system in place. Get an expert mechanic or someone you know you can trust with the car. Insist on seeing the records of maintenance performed, and then thoroughly investigate any and all major repairs, ongoing issues, etc. In addition, remember to do a visual inspection of the car’s exteriors, such as signs of dents, repainting, and scratches. These are tell-tale indications that the car has been in an accident before.

3. Consider the Age of the Car

Prices of new cars plunge rapidly after the first three years of ownership and post that, values tend to plateau or stagnate. Thus, the three-year mark is a sweet spot to buy a used car. As a general rule of thumb, a 2-3 year old car would have experienced a large portion of its depreciation, and yet be in optimal condition.

4. Think Logically

Yes, we all want to drive around in a swanky sports convertible. But, the fact remains that with kids, family, and responsibilities, such a car is not practical anymore. So, when you buy a used car, think about your current situation and try to predict the future as accurately as possible. For instance, sedans look great and are ever-popular and timeless.

With this, you now have four simple tips on choosing the best used car. If you are looking for pre-used vehicles, reliable services like Cars4Us in Brisbane can help!

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