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4 Tips to Buy Lithium Ion Cells at the Best Prices

 From delivering a small amount of power for their size and weight, batteries supporting inverters have come a long way. The due for this upgrade goes primarily to lithium-ion batteries powering inverters. The use of lithium-ion cells is today spread across markets that were previously held firmly by less effective and bulkier products.

Considering the wide usage, you may think the lithium ion cell price may be higher. But when you weigh the advantages against the price, you certainly feel the perks outweigh the purchase cost.

With constant research, new combinations of lithium ion cell prices and more chemistries are being studied, and even better innovation and efficiency of the cells can be expected.

Li-ion cells satisfy consumer device requirements and are, therefore, in high demand.

Image Source: Luminous India

Why Choose Li-ion Batteries?

Some of the many prominent reasons for opting for these batteries are:

  • High Energy Density
  • High Open Circuit Voltage
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate
  • High Operating Temperature, and many others.

Now that we have outlined the relevancy of this futuristic product, let’s look at four practical tips for buying batteries while considering the lithium-ion cell prices:

Being the current buzz in the market, purchasing a lithium-ion battery-powered inverter can be a challenge. The following tips will surely come in handy when you buy them.

  1. Estimate the power you need: The first thing you will need to consider is the power and runtime you will need from your backup system. Roughly calculate the power required by all the appliances you want to use during the power cut, which will be your power requirement.As per the power outage trend in your area, arrive at the duration you will need power for. With both factors estimated, start your hunt for the best inverter battery duo while researching lithium-ion cell prices.
  2. Charging rate: The rate of charging is the time taken by any battery to recharge completely. In some cases, the rate of charging can be low, which means the battery will take a long time to recharge. But if you want to avoid long waiting hours, you must invest in a battery after learning the details of lithium-ion cell prices.Remember not to use any fast charger that doesn’t come with a battery. This may be unsafe for your battery’s health. Only purchase the lithium-ion battery and inverter combos from reputed brands like Luminous to ensure the longevity of your power backup system.
  3. Check the temperature range: Since all lithium-ion batteries are different and operate across varied temperatures, you must research the temperature range your chosen battery can support.While one of the biggest USPs of lithium-ion cells is that it supports appliances even in extreme weather, a careful examination of the battery-inverter duo is vital.
  4. Longevity: We want all our products to last long and be excellent value for money. So, if you wish the same, learn about the lifespan of your battery.The lithium-ion cells and batteries have an inherently longer lifespan. But when conducting your lithium-ion cell price research, don’t forget to consider its lifespan.

In addition to these tips, you will need to take care of the health of your battery for the best results. Even those Li-ion batteries and inverters are low maintenance; you will need to take care of things like not discharging them deeply, overcharging them, mishandling them, protecting them from water and fire, and a few others.

Also, remember to invest in a good brand when going ahead with the purchase. Luminous produces some of the most super quality Li-ion battery and inverter combos. These are compact, lightweight, efficient, and provide excellent power backup at the best price across the market.

Check the website of Luminous for more details!

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