4 Things You Should Know About The Area Scan Camera Before Buying One

Consider an area scan camera like SmartMoreInside if you are looking for the ideal camera for your requirements and are on a tight budget. Before purchasing one, be aware of the following:

Introduction of area scan cameras

An area scan camera is a type of camera used in video surveillance systems to recognize and track objects in real-time. Additionally, it can be utilized for metal parts inspection, postal sorting, label scanning, and print inspection.

Features of area scan cameras

Global shutter CMOS image sensor;

2 million pixels; 2 times analog gain;

8 times digital gain; internal or external trigger mode optional;

ROI/Binning/Sub-Sampling/Overlap and other operations;

GUI-based tool;

the maximum frame rate of full resolution up to 340 frames per second

4 things you should know

The area scan camera is a type of camera made specifically for usage in expansive spaces like factories and warehouses. The camera can swiftly and precisely scan a large space, making it simple to find anomalies or items.

Before purchasing an area scan camera, make sure to consider the following four factors:

  1. The camera has a variety of uses, including drug testing, sorting logistics, and metal part inspection.
  2. The camera’s excellent resolution enables precise detection of objects or anomalies in the vicinity.
  3. The camera’s accuracy spans a vast range, making it ideal for use in expansive places.
  4. The camera requires little setup time and is simple to use.


If you’re seeking a simple and inexpensive approach to taking pictures of a bigger area, the area scan camera can be a wonderful choice. This article should assist you in starting on the correct foot whether you’re trying to buy one as a side project or looking to invest in a more professional model.

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