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4 queries for your SEO firm of choice to answer before being hired

The benefits of choosing a top notch SEO firm are now familiar to every website owner. The decision to however hire one canbe influenced by a number of factors like your needs, the budget at hand, the quality of firm you need and most importantly quality of competition you are experiencing. The selection process must therefore be approached with great caution if you are to get the best SEO Ottawa firm. Prepared here are some useful questions you should ask your potential shortlisted SEO services candidates before you proceed to hire.

Can I DIY my SEO?

The firm you want to choose must be honest with you even if they target getting that contract. DIY SEO is possible but not without training and some basic expenses. For most businesses, it takes time before one can be well versed with their SEO which is their reason for hiring. DIY SEO might furthermore jeopardize the quality of your SERPs and besides derail traffic from your site to other potential competitors in your niche. The deal solution to DIY SEO would be bringing in experts whenever you are in need of their SEO services.

Have they had similar projects before?

When being interviewed, almost all firms will look eligible for the empty slot however quality should guide you to whop you truly need. This means that you check out the portfolio of the firm you want to hire for a number of reasons including confirming some of the projects that they have handled in the past. After confirming the projects done, their similarity to yours and most importantly the strategies used in the same, a business can avoid choosing a poor fit SEO firm for their needs.

How much do they charge?

With SEO services, consistency is the key to getting better results.It is therefore more about your ability to afford the SEO services that you will be offered. To achieve this some research will need to be done first for you to get an understanding of the average market pricing for such services. Market price understanding furthermore alleviates the possibility of choosing the wrong professionals for the job. The company should be crystal clear on the services that they offer and most importantly the price that they will charge for the same before you make your decision on who to hire.

What are some of the strategies used?

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You need a results oriented plan that can solve the unique problems that you face as a business today. Before deciding on the best firm, have each individual option on your shortlist give you a personalized approach to give you a solution for the special needs you have as a website. You can vet and compare the different strategies that they use for their work and make a decision based on the best fitted ones for your in-house needs.

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