4 Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

In this modern era, some air conditioners have been equipped with a range of features and technologies that can bring ultimate satisfaction and comfort when being used. From the energy-saving function, wifi connectivity, temperature sensors, and some even have their own anti-virus and anti-bacterial features – promoting health benefits even more!

Unfortunately, despite being recognized for their convenience and comprehensive capabilities, air conditioners might occasionally encounter issues that can hinder the enjoyment of cool air in hot weather. One of the most common problems among the various issues that might happen to your air conditioner is the presence of an unpleasant odor when the air conditioner is being turned on.

Upon entering an air-conditioned room, you hope that the room will be cool and comforting. But, if the room turns out to smell bad due to the air conditioner, it is inevitable that you will feel uneasy. You might also find it challenging to concentrate, detracting from the sense of being at home. To ensure that this problem of a smelly air conditioner can be resolved immediately, it’s a good idea to know what are the potential causes of the foul odor and what is the best way to overcome it.

1. The Room Is Rarely Cleaned

An air-conditioned room needs a window to be able to regulate the air circulation. When the aircon is not being used, the window can be opened to allow for fresh air to come inside the room. This can help ensure that the air is circulated properly, and you can achieve a fresher and healthier room.

Unfortunately, every time you open the doors or windows it can cause dust to also enter your room, which will then stick to the carpet, on the sofa, and in other places in the room. Dust that enters the room will be rotated by the air conditioner blower and it will enter the circulation system. Eventually, it might stick around for a long time, causing an unpleasant odor inside the room.

To overcome the smell of air conditioners due to this problem is very simple. You just need to immediately clean the room using a vacuum cleaner, after opening the window to let the air circulate. This can help ensure, the dust that may enter your room will not linger for a long time and cause an unpleasant smell in the future.

2. Smoking Inside an Air-conditioned Room

Smoking in air-conditioned rooms is highly discouraged. Apart from being able to cause an unpleasant odor, it can also cause the air inside the room to be even more unhealthier.

Some individuals opt to turn off the air conditioner, open a window, and smoke inside, believing it won’t pose issues. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke that contains toxins and various scents can stick to the sofa, carpet, and other objects in the room. So, even if the air conditioner has been turned off, the lingering cigarette smoke can lead to an unpleasant odor in the room.

Thus, as much as possible, you should avoid smoking in an air-conditioned room and choose to step out if you want to take a puff. Doing this will help ensure you go one step further to protect your health for the better.

3. The Air Conditioner Unit Is Not Regularly Maintained

A lack of understanding about air conditioners often deters owners from cleaning both the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner. While some people reason that the maintenance cost of using the service of a technician is too expensive – thus most of them opt out of cleaning or maintaining their air conditioners.

This is not a wise move! Moreover, if you calculate it, actually the expenses for maintenance are significantly lower compared to the potential risks that may arise from neglecting the care of the air conditioner. An unmaintained air conditioner can break down much more quickly, and it can also cause issues to your air conditioner unit – such as producing an unpleasant odor after the air conditioner is turned on.

To ensure you have the best-running air conditioner machine, it is a must to maintain and clean the indoor and outdoor components of the air conditioner, at least once every three months.

4. Freon Leakage

Freon leakage in air conditioners is a common issue and ranks among the most frequently reported “errors” in air conditioner units. This type of leak can lead not only to a more rapid depletion of freon, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency in the room, but it can also cause an unpleasant odor.

The best solution to address the problem of an air conditioner emitting a smell due to freon leakage is to contact a professional technician such as www.luceaircon.sg to identify and rectify the leakage issue. Do keep in mind that freon leakage is dangerous, as the gas is toxic and can cause harm to your health.

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