4 Common Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is among the first things anyone will notice when interacting with you. A perfect smile will boost your confidence, allowing you to interact with people easily. Discolored, crooked, broken, and missing teeth, on the other hand, will affect your smile and confidence, and correcting them through cosmetic dentistry is advisable.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to restore your teeth and smile to your desired look. While these procedures are elective, most provide restorative benefits to the patient.

Read on for 4 common procedures in cosmetic dentistry.

1.   Teeth Whitening Procedure

Over time, teeth will stain due to habits like smoking, heavy intake of tea and coffee, pigments in certain foods and drinks, enamel thinning with age, and abrasive toothpaste. Stained teeth will affect your smile and confidence, and you can correct it through a teeth whitening procedure in a single visit.

During the procedure, your Cosmetic Dentist – Garland, TX will remove the plaque, tartar, and other debris from your tooth surface to restore the natural appearance. Next, they will use techniques including bleaching, custom-fit dental trays, and whitening strips to whiten your teeth.

2.   Dental Bonding Treatment

The dental bonding treatment comprises the application of resin to the tooth to restore its shape and color. The procedure is applicable in the following cases:

  • Repair of decayed tooth
  • Masking chips, pits, cracks, and bumps in the enamel
  • Alteration of the length, size, and shape of teeth
  • Repair of worn-down teeth
  • Restoration of discolored teeth unresponsive to teeth whitening
  • Improvement of the root appearance exposed through gum recession and protecting it from decay and sensitivity

Dental bonding does not need anesthesia unless the chip is near a nerve. Your Cosmetic Dentist -in Garland, TX will scrap your tooth surface, apply a conditioning liquid and bond a matching composite resin. To harden the teeth, they will apply a special technique and polish it to match your natural teeth color.

3.   Installing Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are customized caps that cover your natural teeth. This cosmetic dentistry resolves crooked teeth, oddly shaped teeth, misalignments and irregular spacing, and damaged and cracked enamel. Your Cosmetic Dentist -in Garland, TX will apply the veneers to the front of your tooth using a dental adhesive. Veneers are available in porcelain and composite materials, and your preference will depend on your budget, installation length, appearance, and longevity.

4.   Installing Dental Implants

Lost or damaged teeth can affect your smile and confidence, hence the need for a replacement with dental implants. Your Cosmetic Dentist -in Garland, TX will insert a titanium screw into your jaw at the missing tooth site to support the crown. Implants mimic natural teeth, and once your bone and supporting tissues infuse into it, they remain permanently secure.

Consider Cosmetic Dentist -In Garland, TX, To Restore Your Smile And Confidence

Cosmetic dentistry addresses tooth problems, including chipped, broken, decayed, and missing teeth. Therefore, if considering one of the above procedures to restore your smile, find a professional cosmetic dentist that offers the option you are considering, as they will guide you on the best procedure for your case.

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