Work injury in Rockford: Learn critical aspects here 

Most employers in Illinois are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you were hurt while at work in Rockford, you can file a claim and recover benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance company stands between you and your benefits, and these carriers only care for profits. You don’t want to proceed ahead with half-baked knowledge, which is why precise why you need a Rockford workers’ compensation attorney. In this post, we have enlisted a few critical aspects. 

What workers’ compensation benefits can you recover?

Firstly, you must understand that no two workers’ compensation claims are the same. Every injured worker’s situation is unique, and it is best to let an attorney determine what you can recover. Generally, workers’ compensation is expected to cover the cost of reasonable and required medical care and wage losses if you are out of work due to your injury. If you are severely hurt and cannot return to the job, you also have the right to vocational rehabilitation. You should also receive payment for permanent or partial disability if applicable. 

What if your claim is denied? 

As we stated earlier, insurance companies don’t always play by the rules when dealing with workers’ compensation claims. They will, in fact, try to deny the claim or underpay benefits. If your claim is denied, you must take steps to file an appeal. You have three years from the date of work injury to file a workers’ compensation appeal, but if you delay the process, the more challenging it would be to establish facts. Attorneys often help injured workers in such situations, ensuring they don’t compromise their rights. 

You can afford a workers’ compensation lawyer

Many workers have concerns about getting legal help following a job-related injury. Fortunately, there are law firms in Rockford that don’t charge workers until they recover benefits. Such an arrangement is based on contingency, which means the attorney only gets a share of your workers’ compensation benefits after they recover that for you. There are no immediate costs or hourly rates, and your attorney will take care of the legal process. 

Final word

Nothing is more financially stressful than not receiving workers’ compensation benefits after an injury. Don’t leave your claim to fate or let the insurance dominate you. Hire a lawyer, and they will ensure you don’t miss out on laws or legal options. Also, your lawyer will ensure all due benefits are released on time.  

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