Live soccer betting and the most effective betting method

Live soccer betting is one of the types of bets that receives a lot of attention. Football is known as a sport that brings countless interesting emotions. To add more flavor to this spiritual dish, betting is an excellent tool. The following article  New88 will bring some detailed information for you to understand.
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Decoding the question of what is live soccer betting?

Surely for newbies when betting for the first time, they will not help but wonder what live soccer bets are? To put it simply, this is a term that refers to the difference in level between two opponents in any football match. Currently, this form will be provided by bookmakers on the market, including  New88.

Each bookmaker will give you an arbitrary and diverse rate. This contributes to creating excitement for players because there are many options. The player’s task is to choose a satisfactory type and ratio. Then use your money to bet on a type or rate that you believe is likely to appear in the match.

This type of game is often considered by experts to be a difficult form of playing. Because each house will offer completely different odds. Invisibly, this reason has caused bettors to encounter many difficulties in choosing a bet to be able to win. This requires you to take reasonable measures to play bets effectively.

Some popular types of live soccer bets on the market

As informed above, currently on the market there are many attractive types of live soccer bets. Next, let’s take a look at the most popular names on the market.

The most popular direct soccer bet – soccer bets

The first live soccer bet we want to bring to you is the soccer bet. This is the most popular type today. The reason this form receives favor is because of its simplicity. Players only need to choose a team that is likely to win to place a bet. If they are lucky enough to guess correctly, the player will receive an extremely generous reward.

Handicap 0.5 left

The next type that we introduce when playing live soccer betting is the 0.5 goal handicap. As the name suggests, the higher rated team will handicap the lower rated team by 0.5 results. The results will happen in two directions as follows if you place money on the upper team:

  • In case the match results in a victory belonging to the higher rated team, you will now receive the full amount.
  • If the result is a draw or loss, you have lost this bet. The consequence for the above is losing all bets.

Handicap bet 1 and a half balls

Another type that also receives a lot of attention is the 1 and a half handicap bet. This bet also has the same mechanism as the 0.5 left handicap bet above. When the upper team will handicap the lower rated team in the match by 1 and a half goals. In case you trust in placing money on the above team, the following situations will occur:

  • With a difference of 2 results for the upper team. At this point you will receive the full amount.
  • If the match only results in a victory with a difference of 1 goal, you will lose the bet amount.
  • If the result is that the favorite team fails or draws. Then you officially lose all your bets.

Take a look at some experiences in playing live soccer betting on shore

So what should you do to win when playing bets? The following,  New88 I will give you some tips for playing the most effective odds.
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Have yourself complete information about the two opponents

First, to make a wise decision for playing live soccer betting, you need to get full information about the two teams preparing to compete. This is one of the extremely important information that bettors should not ignore. Because this information will be the basis, basis as well as fulcrum to help you make the smartest choice.

Carefully consider the bookmaker’s odds

Next, we also need to carefully consider the bookmaker’s odds. As you know, the difficulty of playing odds is the many odds. Bookmakers will often offer different odds to confuse the information. Once you have the important information above, you also need to choose wisely the odds to play. From there, we will be able to increase the rate of safe return to shore.


Above is all the basic information about live soccer betting  New88 want to bring to all of you. Hopefully with that information  New88 provided will help you get an overview of this form. At the same time, players will also have playing experience to help them make accurate decisions to return safely to shore.

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