4 Must-Have Polarized Sunglasses for Your Next Vacation

4 Must-Have Polarized Sunglasses for Your Next Vacation

Sunglasses are an absolutely essential travel accessory. Whether on a trip to the mountains up north or the sunny beaches down south, you must always carry a pair of chic sunglasses.

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When picking out eyewear for your vacation, our first recommendation is a chic pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are vastly different from regular ones, offering multiple benefits regarding visual comfort and UV protection, and are stylish and versatile. When choosing a pair of polarized sunglasses, there are various features that you may wish to consider – the aesthetic look of the frame, how comfortably it sits on your face, the quality of protection it offers, etc.

Reasons to Get Polarized Sunglasses for Your Vacation

Glare Reduction

The primary feature distinguishing polarized sunglasses from regular sunglasses is their ability to reduce glare. Blinding glare can often interfere with driving, fishing, or sailing. Regular sunglasses will dim the light, but they are not made to block glare. However, polarized sunglasses can filter out the glare and offer enhanced protection for your eyes.

UV Protection

UV protection for your eyes is just as important as for your eyes. Most modern-day polarized sunglasses also come with UV protection lenses. Exposure to UV rays can cause damage to your eyes as well as the area around them, leading to issues like cataracts and the appearance of early signs of ageing. Hence, it is extremely important to wear your sunglasses.

And above all, these sunglasses do not compromise in terms of style. Their high functionality does not limit them to boring old styles. Polarized sunglasses come in various colours and finishes, so you can still sport the latest trends and fashion trends while protecting your eyes.

Wayfarers Style

Wayfarers are one of the most iconic sunglasses styles in modern fashion history. A favourite of celebrities, Instagram fashionistas and public figures alike, wayfarer polarized sunglasses have remained on trend since the 1950s. And if you wish to make heads turn, we recommend adding these extremely cool black polaroid sunglasses to your collection. These lightweight sunglasses are perfect for your next hiking trip with your buddies or even a trip to the beach.

Modern-day Aviators

Who does not love a classic pair of aviators? They are OGs; no must-have sunglasses list is complete without mentioning a sleek and sexy pair of aviator sunglasses. Sadly, that also makes them quite a common piece of accessories. However, if you are a sucker for the badass aviator polarized sunglasses but do not wish to follow the herd, we would like to suggest this pair. These gold frames are a modern take on the original style, with a more angular design instead of the classic drop shape. The lightweight metal frames are perfect for all-day wear and work well with every outfit.

Bugeye Beauty

Every diva needs a chic pair of oversized sunglasses. Popularised by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, large sunglasses have become a wardrobe staple for women everywhere, whether celebrities try hiding behind the frames or Insta-baddies trying to ace their OOTD. And that is exactly why these red bugeye polarized sunglasses have made their way on our list of must-haves! Equal parts sultry and sturdy, this pair would help you elevate your look and flaunt your impeccable style.

Smart Sunglasses

Fashion and technology have been mixing quite well, and the smart polarized sunglasses are another example of that. These futuristic polarized sunglasses are the best eyewear for tech lovers. With features like GPS tracking and navigation, smart audio, and the ability to make and receive calls, these smart sunglasses would be the perfect addition to your vacation wardrobe.

And with that, we conclude our top picks for polarized sunglasses that are a must-have for your next vacation. So, before you start packing, we suggest you head to the Fastrack website and get your hands on some stylish new polarized sunglasses.

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